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Stay at any of the Hotels in Siliguri and visit the Doars


The city of Siliguri is situated in the state of West Bengal, India. It is situated by the river banks of Mahanada, and at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas covering an area of approximately 48 square Kilometer. A major part of the city is situated in the Darjeeling District, and the rest in Jalpaiguri. It is surrounded by mountains that are covered in dense forests and has a high animal density.

It is a major city for trade and commerce in West Bengal. Siliguri has about 5 Lakh permanent residents. It also attracts numerous foreign and national visitors. The economic boom of the city is mainly due to its strategic position in the area. Siliguri is also famous for its Tea Export and start point for the trip to Darjeeling and other numerous hill stations like the Gangtok, Peling, Mirik etc. and also to the famous “Doars”. There are distinct climates i.e. the summer, the Monsoon and the winter. Monsoons are quite heavy and the temperature in the summer is about 34 degree Celsius, though the winter is losing its chill, due to the ongoing urbanization.

There are number of good Hotels in Siliguri, which can be good pit-stop for your trip to the Hill Stations or the Doars. Siliguri is really well connected by road from every part of the country and also from the Capital of West Bengal. It has 3 railway stations namely the Siliguri Junction, the Siliguri Town and the New Jalpaiguri and is connected to each and every part of the country. There are two other stations in the vicinity that is the Bagdogra and the Naxalbari Stations. The nearest and the only airport is the Bagdogra Airport.

Budget Hotels in Siliguri:

If you can’t afford a high-end luxury Hotel, then you need not worry as there are a number of good Hotels in Siliguri that will offer you rooms at really affordable prices. These Hotels in Siliguri are all in close vicinity of the bus stands or the railway stations. Here are names of few:

Adi Kalpana Price Hotel

Hotel Himalayan Regency

Hotel Niladri palace

Hotel Niladri Plaza

Hotel Tree Shade

A single bed room at these Hotels in Siliguri will cost you around 500 to 1500 Indian Rupees, per night. The rooms are decent and spacious, and the food is nice too. The hotels are all accessible by road by buses and taxis.

Luxury Hotels in Siliguri:

If you can afford to stay at luxury hotel, then Siliguri won’t disappoint you either, as there are a number of luxury Hotels in Siliguri. Here is a list of some them:

Hotel Embassy

Barsana Hotel and Resort

Marinas Hotel

Hotel Apollo

Royal Sarovar Portico

Sinclairs Siliguri

Viramma Resort

A room at these Hotels in Siliguri is going to cost you around 1800 to 6400 Indian Rupees. They offer great rooms that well decorated and spacious, and a great food. They are all accessible by road.

So next time you visit Siliguri for the visit to the hill stations, Dooars or any important Job, stay at these hotels and be assured to have nice time, till the last day of your trip.

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