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Discover the Most Beautiful Islands 0f The Greek Archipelago

Whether you are a history fanatic, interested in the whole gods’ philosophy or simply a lover of life, a trip to the Aegean Islands will most definitely be of great interest to you. The Islands of Greek Archipelago are a group of Islands in the Aegean Sea. These island board the mainland Greece to tee west extending all the way to the north and Turkey to the east. The islands are an ideal travel destination because they experience the Mediterranean climate, which summers have warm temperatures while its winters are cold.

You do not have to break your bank as there are quite a number of very cheap holidays available in Greece; check out the following islands for an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Santorini

Santorini is one of the islands with one rugged coastline due to a devastating volcanic eruption that took place in the 16th century. It is located between two other islands called Anafi and Los. The region is very famous for its breath-taking sunsets and a fascinating panorama from the town of Oia, its very own natural active volcano and the bizarre white eggplant. The best time to pay a visit Santorini is between late April and early November because that is the time the island experiences warm weather.

  1. Mykonos

Mykonos is another famous island under the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It is well known for its picturesque towns, its warm white washed beaches and for its crazy party life. The island beaches probably receive the biggest group of tourists coming in to score a fantastic time at the beach. The governing body of the island is very lenient and accepts persons of all cultures on to the island. For that reason, the island It is quite popular with the gay community, considering it does not have restrictions that deter this kind of relationships.

  1. Zakynthos

The Zakynthos island most attractive features are its well-known summer resort. This harbor city is the capital centeredaround the waterfront Solomos square. This Leonianisland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Aegean Sea adorned with its beaches which offer a conducive environment for one to both swim in as well as participate in water sports. One of the beaches, Navagio Beach, is the site of a shipwreck resting on the sandy terrain surrounded by cliffs.

  1. Ikaria

The Ikaria island derives its name from Icarus, one of the mythical gods of the Greece culture. Icarus was the son of Daedalus who is believed to have fallen into the sea near the island. This island has a rich historical culture and tradition, and a strong basis family tradition practiced with the island occupants. The island occupants welcome the incoming tourists to enjoy the clean air, warm breezes, and rugged coastline as they enjoy Greece’s most cherished delicacies.

  1. Skyros

This island located on the southmost parts of the Sporades and on the east coast of Greece. The Skyros is the heart of the Aegean Sea with the Chora town providing a labyrinth of small streets with white cube-shaped houses. At the top-most part of the island majestically stands a castle that overlooks the whole city. It is also famous for its beaches which have added volcanic features such as sea caves. Skyros Island is ideal for family vacations.

  1. Kefalonia

This is yet another island in the Ionian sea, found to the west of the mainland. The island is surrounded with a rugged landscape with cliffs made of limestone, bays and sandy beaches. Because of its rough terrain, most of the beaches are only accessible on foot, which is ideal for tourists to take nature trails. It’s capital; the Argostoli is built on a hillside overlooking a narrow harbor. While visiting this island be sure to pass by the Melissani cave, the Petani Beach and The Sacred Monastery Of Agios Gerasimos.

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9 Tips To Have A Successful Road Trip With Your Family

Family road trips are the best. Rather than flying from point A to point B and missing everything in between, a lot of Aussie families choose to go on a road trip. And with a country like Australia where you have roads with most beautiful scenic beauties, you can never miss a chance to go on a road trip. A road trip with family done right will surely make your bonding with other people stronger. So, we have a list of tips to make your family bonds better because we don’t want you to stop from joining another road trip with your family again.

Always plan the trip together:-

Sit down with your family and plan the trip together. Always make sure everyone is involved in the plan so that no one can complain or make faces on the trip. Try to cover up everyone’s desires in the tour. Try to involve your kids in the trip too. Call the trip a project. Kids love projects.

Ask questions like what kind of trip it would be?? A relaxing one or an adventurous one? Questions like how many days it should take or where should you guys head to will arise the interest about the trip to the family members. Also have the necessary things needed for a trip ready before the trip, to buy the things on discounts, check out HotOzCoupons. And then when you decide the place, go to your pc, make a route map, plan the date and then hit the road.

Pack light:-

One of the worst things about travelling is when it comes to packing. And unpacking is, even worse when you have to unpack in your luggage in the holiday hangovers. Try not to stress too much, pack only what’s necessary and try to buy other small things on the go. Always half your clothes and double your budget. Take your slippers, take some loose, comfortable dresses, neutral colour combinations will be the best as they suit with every season. Keep your swim wears and rain gears with you. Australia is full of lakes and rainforests.

Keep some information before hitting the road. Information like the weather where you’re going, what kind of activities will you have there or know about the accommodation.

Food and drink:-

Never leave a kid hungry on a road trip. You may not drive around Australia like other mad about road trip people, but always have plenty of water in hand. Don’t get dehydrated in the middle of a road trip. You never know the next stop. Always bring one water bottle per person at least. Have plenty of snacks in your hand while you’re on a trip. Never leave your children with a lot of sugar in the backseat. But never throw the packets away.

Pre-departure tips:-

Before hitting the road schedule your payment bills, choose a trusted source to collect all your emails. Clean out your fridges, leave your keys to someone trusted, send your bank information about how long you’ll be out of town. This will help them to shut down your credit and debit cards.


Boredom sucks. Along with hunger and tired body, boredom is something that will make the ambience cool. Keep your kids far away from the tiredness of the long journey. You can have DVD players, audiobooks. If your kids are a bookworm, hand them e-books.


When you hit the road go hand in hand with technology. Use a satellite navigation system to find out the shortest routes. It will also help you to know about traffic conditions. You can also know about the estimated journey time.

Stop early, stop often:-

Sticking your whole family in a confined place is not a good idea. Sitting constantly in one place will also make them bored. Find some refreshment stops at least once in an hour. Find some rest stops where both you and the rest of the family can have fun and spread some legs.

Spend time in fewer places:-

Don’t try to stop everywhere and do everything. Spend your time more but in fewer places. And, when you stop less, you can also save on your fuel. Have your must-see list sorted and don’t miss out on that list for stopping at different places.

Hitting the road:-

Have a perfect good night sleep before the night of the road trip. Feed your car with full gas. Keep all electronic gadgets charged and have a spare battery charged too. Share the driving seat with someone in the family. Put your headlights on when it’s dark or wet.

Keep these tips in mind and hit the road. Forget your stresses. Happy vacations.

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6 Romantic Places to Visit in Texas

When you go to the heart of Texas, you realize it is time to hold hands instead of clutching your phones or busying with Instagram. The romantic climate in San Antonio and other counties and cities will fascinate any couple who are desperate for a restful and memorable weekend. World-class dining, sandy beaches, piney woods, exotic massage – everything is here in Texas. With USA ESTA, you can make your romantic weekend getaway come true.

The Inn at Dos Brisas, Washington County

Once a family-owned ranch, the Inn at Dos Brisas is a Spanish-style hacienda that is donned with oriental carpets amidst its cathedral ceilings, stone fireplaces, and sturdy French oak floors. Enjoy five-star accommodation and royal treatment in their orchards while choosing a menu of French and Asian cuisine.

While you are enjoying your Nantucket Bay scallops on your private patio, think of what else you could do in this inn. You and your partner can go horseback riding, fishing, biking, or even gardening. End the day with a couples massage in your Romance on the Ranch package.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

The richest of Texans are nowhere but in Dallas. Built in 1925, the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is a part of this rich history and has been a private residence that was converted to an elegant luxury hotel and restaurant in the early 80s. Suitors can seek refuge at the Chef’s Table at the Mansion Restaurant. With the atmosphere of intimacy provided by the view of the lawn and the highly-personalized menu, you can bask at the ornate estate of Rosewood Mansion.

The local history of this piece of Italian Renaissance would naturally fascinate couples who romanticize history. For the past 50 years, the mansion was home to the biggest gatherings of the high society in Dallas. The most important thing though is that you can dine alfresco while basking at the moonlit terrace. End the day with a bottle of champagne, the best aromatherapy session with rose petals before you retire to your pair of personalized pillowcases elegantly embroidered for both of you.

The San Luis Resort Spa and Conference Center, Galveston

Galveston has 32 miles of beaches that couples would consider as the source of rejuvenation in this romantic and luxurious paradise. As one of the best beach getaways in Texas, the San Luis Resort Spa boasts of its upgraded comforts in its rooms with a range of amenities that include rain showerheads, breakfast service, and a Prosecco mini-bottle. You can also explore Club 10 for VIP adults. In fact, with either a USA VISA or only an ESTA, you can get the best treat of your life at this resort spa.

If there’s another thing that The San Luis Resort Spa is proud of, then it is the high level of privacy and pampering that they can offer you if you opt for a private cabana rental. In here, you can enjoy the overstuffed chairs, the massive ceiling fan, and the mini-fridge with drinks. You may also want to order fresh fruit and champagne while enjoying your favorite show on your personal flat screen TV.

The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa, Houston

If you’re the sporty type of couple, then the Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa will give you the best and most romantic weekend treat of your life. The fitness-focused hotel has a relaxing garden pool and an aquatic program for competitive swimmers. If you’re into racquet sports, then you can get all the amenities that you want here. So, if you are a couple who would enjoy a triathlon, then get all your multi-sport training here.

The Houstonian Hotel’s Manor House is not only home to the healthiest food choices and the magnificent view. Historically, it was where George H. W. Bush and his wife stayed when Bush was still director of CIA. It was also in this historic place that the US hosted the G-7 summit. Thus, for couples fascinated with history, then nothing could be better.

Mokara Hotel and Spa, San Antonio

If you want to feel the romance in a calm oasis right in the middle of a bustling city, then the destination is Mokara Hotel and Spa. A four-star hotel, the Mokara boasts of the cream tones of its rooms and the marble-highlighted bathrooms, as well as the lofty ceilings that you will stare at when you’re swimming in their royal Jacuzzi tubs.

After which, discuss your plans with your partner over the riverfront with the finest and freshest seafood. The executive chef at Ostra will offer you blackened redfish with spinach or perhaps jumbo scallops swimming in delicious coconut peanut curry to satisfy that world-class palate of yours. Enjoy snow peas or rice noodles too as part of Mokara’s romantic Rejuvenation package.

Isla Grande Beach Resort, South Padre Island

South Padre Island is excellent at spring break. This romantic paradise at the southernmost part of Texas is an ideal romantic destination for two. The quiet, lush and friendly getaway is tempting to many couples who enjoy horseback rides, sunset walks by the beach, dolphin cruises, and any meditative session with nature itself. At Isla Grande Beach Resort, you always have the option to book for a tower room that gets the most scenic sunrise and the most romantic sunset views. You can also choose a beachfront cabana reservation if you want to be in the sand as you sleep.

Another good thing about Isla Grande is the Quarterdeck Lounge with live dance bands every evening, and where you can dance the night away with your partner. The Hammerhead Deck has the widest range of musical selections from country to rock that synchronizes with the lapping of the waves from a distance. Just with an ESTA VISA, you can enjoy all these amenities. End the night with champagne plus your strawberries covered with chocolate as part of your Romance Package.


Texas is where history meets nature in its vast array of the best romantic weekend packages for couples. With amenities that usually include spa and massage, aromatherapy, sports, fine dining, and music, there could never be a more perfect place than Texas. Never hesitate to book your next romantic weekend getaway through

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Spring Time Is Travel Time for Lisa Dudzik Perth – Enjoy the Best Holiday Destination Doha This Spring

Spring break has arrived and so is the time to travel to Doha, Qatar. Vacation brings happiness, breaks the boredom, and is time for festivity. It is the only time in the current busy world to catch up with family and old friends. As travel has become convenient, luxurious, and cheap, many people prefer traveling during vacations. Aside from sun and sand, there are ample alternatives obtainable nowadays.

Travelers like Lisa Dudzik Perth even have elements of creating lifetime memories.

Whether you are seeking for an adventure safari, relaxing getaways, catch up with your leisure pursuit, learning something new or party atmosphere, the travel deals or tour packages are already being designed and the tour companies are set to provide you best family vacation packages in Qatar. A budding number of tour companies and hotels are catering to families of Lisa Dudzik Perth.


It is the technological world and they can amuse you anywhere. Carry your device as the primary gadget. Few apps such as Layar, Google Maps, and flight agenda are significant for any type of holiday, particularly, an adventurous one. Carry games that you like playing. Pick the free games from your phone and enjoy the travel to Doha, Qatar. Do not forget to carry an iPod or fill in your device with the best music. Though your cell phone includes a camera, people would prefer a separate SLR one to capture the best memoirs that last eternally.

Book your travel

Internet is the powerhouse of information and greatest medium to book your travel deals. Online travel booking companies offer tour information and the destination they provide to cover in the package. It is easy to surf through concession provided by various agencies, straight away, without leaving your house. Business organization over internet has led to strong competition, which in turn profits consumers like Lisa Dudzik as they can select the best destinations within their financial plan.

Doha, Qatar is one of the Top Holiday Destinations:

Doha, Qatar is drawing traveler attention for the Doha-Tribeca film festival. Together with this, the city is hosting specialized soccer’s Asian club. Doha is for the individuals like Lisa Dudzik Perth who love coastline regions. It has less crowded gourmet restaurant and beautiful beaches. Umm Salal Ali is the most well known archaeological site of the nation. The mounds, which are now researched by archaeologists, are very old and most likely date back to the third millennium BC. The little town of Al Khor is an outdoor museum comprising of many mosques spread throughout the town, traditional buildings and old towers. One of the motives for stopping in Al Khor is an exceedingly pictorial view of the ocean.

The tourist attractions of the capital are well thought-out to be numerous. They consist of the Fort Doha, Old Town, the Government House, shopping malls, the City-Center-Doha complex, Corniche quay, the Palm Island entertainment center, the Aquarium, the Alladin Kingdom amusement park, the Zoo, and, certainly, the established eastern markets and many smaller markets predominantly on the outer edge of the city.

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Going On A Sailing Holiday-5 Top Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

If you really want to escape from your busy life for a few days then a holiday on the seas is the best way to get what you want. Setting sail is not only relaxing but it is also a great way to see different countries and their changing geography as you sail past. If you are about to enjoy a sailing holiday for the first time you need to be sure you are getting the best out of your trip.

Here are the top 5 things you need to remember before setting out on your sailing vacation:

Turn of unsocial media and phones

Setting sail for a few days or even longer is an exclusive experience that not many people have a chance to take part in. Be sure to make the best of your uninterrupted time together by switching off from the world around you. Take time out before you sail to switch off all phones and other devices. You do not want to spoil your holiday with interruptions from social media all day long.

Be well prepared

The number one key to relaxing on your holiday is to make sure that you are prepared for any situation. Make a list of all your essential items, way ahead of time. These essential will include everything you will need while on board.

Basic list:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Books
  • Games
  • Medication
  • Flashlight

If you have chosen to go on a chartered trip you will not have to worry about much else. Bedding, entertainment, and cooking should already be sorted out for you. All you will need to do is bring the basics along on the trip.

Use the amenities

Many of the charted sailing trips include a range of luxury amenities suited to your budget. If it’s available to you, you need to make use of it. Take that swim in the onboard pool! After all, what is the use of paying for a luxury trip when you do not make the best of it?

Go Ashore

Arguably one of the best things about any sailing holiday is the chance you will have to visit many different places. Many sailing trips include visits to places which are less frequented by tourists. Take the opportunity to enjoy every moment you have. Go ashore at various islands and docks to enjoy the best of the local culture and scenes. A great idea is to make a list of all the places you will be visiting, this way you will be able to do a little research on the best places to visit while on your trip.

Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises

Do not miss one of the best opportunities you will even have to see some of the most breath-taking sunsets and sunrises. Enjoy a few drinks while you watch as the sun sets while the boat floats across the seas and get up before dawn to witness the uninterrupted beauty of nature as the sun rises. Do not waste the chance to see this you will not regret it.

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What Kind Of Hotel Should You Choose When You Go On Holiday?

Whether you’re going on holiday, or you’re on business in places like Halifax, it’s important to ensure that your accommodation is all booked before you arrive. The truth is that not all hotels are run in the same way, and they do not all offer the kinds of luxuries that many people have come to expect.

What Is The Best Hotel Accommodation For You?

If you want to stay in the best hotel in Halifax what should you look for? Consider the following:

  • Internet: The fact is that these days, internet access in hotels is expected. Ideally, you should look for a hotel that offers wireless internet access in public areas. Some hotels will even offer free internet access with guest accounts, which is ideal if you are travelling for businesses reasons.
  • Room service: You never know when you’ll need some room service, so it’s worth looking at what kind of service the hotel offers. Do they operate only during certain hours? Do they have full kitchen service throughout the night?
  • Security: This is the big one for many people. Does the hotel offer in-room lockable safes? Is there secure parking for your vehicle?
  • Business: If you are travelling on business, you will have different needs from those of a family on holiday. Many of the best hotels offer specific business facilities, including meeting rooms, high speed web access, printing, and workstations.

Making Your Trip Enjoyable

It is true that not all hotels are created equally, but doing a little research on the best hotel for your needs can go a really long way.

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Different Types of Bags and their Usage

We all have used bags and backpacks in our lives. Whether we go for shopping like buying clothes, to purchase daily essentials or groceries, in a party, on a picnic, to office or school or college, or on a trip we all carry a backpack so that we can easily pack and carry all the important stuff and items in one place and take them with us. Sleeping bags are for hikers, campers and people who want a light weight option which is comfortable to sleep in. A sleeping bag is being folded in half or thirds rolled up and is bound with straps.

Backpacks have become an essential accessory of our lifestyle, but as always, buying and owning a bag is not an easy task. Not any backpack is meant to be used at any occasion. You can’t use a laptop bag on a picnic or a sling bag in an office setting.

Every item is priced as per their usage. For example, if you a Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under $100 will be useful for camping while a school backpack within $250 will be good for traveling, camping or have multi-purpose usage.

Varied Kinds of Backpacks with Diverse Usage

Every different backpack has its own usage and before you go further to buy a bag, It is important for you to know about different kinds of backpacks and their usage so that you can go out with the right backpack at every occasion. Some of the types of backpacks are:

  1. Traditional Backpack: the most common backpack which can be seen using by school students and college goers. Traditional backpacks are one of the most convenient and comfortable kind of backpack to carry everything that you want. A traditional backpack has two shoulder straps, a main cavity and maybe one or two extra compartments. The traditional backpacks come in various colours, styles and sizes and one can choose according to his needs and requirements.
  2. Tactical Military Backpack: the Tactical Military Backpack. Such backpacks are used by military personnel’s. These backpacks are rough and tough and are all weather durable. The tactical military backpacks are extra strong and are perfect for heavy duty performance. These backpacks are waterproof and strong enough to protect it from harsh weather and the material of the bag resists wearing and tearing of the product.
  3. Drawstring Backpack: this backpack is favoured by those in high school or junior high. The drawstring backpack has only a single compartment and is opened and closed with the help of a string. These bags are also used by the gym goers and are a good option for carrying a light weight items or for less number of items.
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Where To Stay In Kuala Lumpur On Vacation

Holidays in Kuala Lumpur involve a trip to the green capital of Asia. Here, the surrounding natural beauty fills the heart and the senses, even with the presence of ubiquitous modernization. The orderly landscape of the city, which is part of its colonial heritage in combination with well-maintained avenues, allows visitors to spend their time close to nature on all sides.

This city is a culture potpourri that is due to the presence of people from all over the world who have settled here. This includes Indians, Arabs and Chinese, as well as the Malay indigenous population. The rich and varied environment has led to a cultural diversity very attractive to visitors.

The must stay hotel in Kuala Lumpur are among the best in the area. This is quite natural because Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and, as such, is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Foreign travelers wishing to enter this city must come before they can go to their respective destinations. The facilities here are of superior quality and special care is taken for the comfort of the guests.

Things to do for a holiday in Kuala Lumpur

The vacations in Kuala Lumpur mean a trip to the exotic and also to the exemplary. The visitor is transported to a world that has an old world decoration and an overwhelming vegetation. Also, the people here are extremely hospitable and have kept their country extremely clean and maintained the beauty of the surrounding nature. When one wants to be transported to a preserved world where nature still has the last world, Kuala Lumpur is the place to be.

Discover the Petronas Towers, the tallest structure in the world. There are several places to eat and you can taste dishes from around the world. Buy in local bazaars and also for branded products in commercial complexes.

A relaxing stay

If you plan your visit well, your vacation will be simply beautiful. There are many different types of accommodation here and you can choose according to your needs. With thousands of tourists visiting the city every year, hospices make sure they provide the services that make them better. That is why they are eager to offer first class facilities such as swimming pool, spa, gym and restaurant with home delivery, pubs and much more. The accommodation and the holiday apartments offer you a comfort similar to that of a home.

Kuala Lumpur is a modern city, with modern transport, communication and tourism facilities. That’s why the resorts and hotel rooms are decorated according to the very soul of the city. You can live very luxuriously in your hotel rooms that; They surely have high class bathrooms, balcony with great views, TV and comfortable furniture. The vacations in Kuala Lumpur are simply unforgettable!

The hotel industry in Kuala Lumpur

The hotels in Kuala Lumpur are ideal for all types of tourists, whether they are travelers on a low budget or those who are capable of splurging. World-class comfort and sophisticated decor, and the 5-star hotel complexes in the surrounding area welcome visitors to make the most of their stay. The staff and management are in arms to see the comfort of the guests in these places.

Even in the budget accommodation, all instruments for basic comfort with high-quality room service and good food are available. Staying in medium-sized and economic complexes can not only make the most of your stay, but also save money in the process. Now, can that be wonderful?

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Why Should You Have Weddings in The Bahamas

Do you ever think of getting married in the Bahamas? There are several couples who shun the thought of getting married in the Bahamas because they feel it is too expensive. This is not the case. The costs you pay for a wedding here is like the standard wedding expenses you incur when you are in your home town. In fact, there are some amazing wedding packages in the Bahamas to help you save money if you book them well in advance. This means you can choose an exotic location to get married and the Bahamas is the right spot for you to choose!

Weddings in the Bahamas- what should you expect?

Weddings in the Bahamas mean you will get lots of sunshine, splendid music, tropical weather, amazing sea beaches and exotic venues for your wedding. The thought sounds exciting and it is practical too thanks to the wedding packages available in the region today. They are affordable and they help you have a wedding to be remembered by both of you and your guests forever. These wedding packages can even by booked online. You just need to rely on a good company to show you the venue so that you are aware of where the wedding and other ceremonies will take place.

Why should you opt for wedding package?

Wedding packages give you the benefits of getting exotic locations in a single package. This means you do not have to handpick them separately. Moreover, you will get beach destinations that are world famous for their natural beauty. At the same time, you must choose the right wedding photographer who has knowledge about the regions. The photographer will guide you on the best places where you can take your wedding shoots. Moreover, a local wedding photographer is aware of the climate and light. He or she will be able to shoot natural photographs with stunning backgrounds. Not only will you two be photographed but your guests as well.

Get exotic music and flowers as well

The music and the flowers in the Bahamas are quite popular as well. With your wedding package, you often get a wedding planner who will arrange everything for you. This means you do not have to worry about making small arrangements yourself. You can completely focus on the wedding at hand and be ready for a happy and memorable event in your life. You may opt for a wedding cruise if you wish to in the area to add that extra element of fun.

Weddings in the Bahamas help you get the wedding you can afford. Some great wedding venues are Nassau, Out Islands, East Grand Bahamas and more. Check the venues and choose one that caters to your tastes and preferences with success. The most popular months for you to get married in the Bahamas are April, May and June. However, you can also opt for exotic wedding venues when you are getting married in Fall and the winter months. Ask experienced and skilled companies to help you plan your wedding and make it memorable for everyone for years!

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The 5 Best Outdoor Destinations in the American Northwest

With summer around the corner, many outdoor enthusiasts are thinking about where to take their next adventure. The American Northwest has plenty of travel options for those who are more inclined to hiking and camping than lounging around lazily while on their vacation. Start planning your next outdoor trip today by learning about the following five destinations in the American Northwest you won’t want to miss.

Boise National Forest

Image via Flickr by treegrow

Offering more than 1,300 miles of summer trails, Boise National Forest is a prime destination for hiking, horseback riding, and camping. Additionally, the 7,600 miles of streams and rivers in this national forest offer a great opportunity to raft, kayak, ski, or water-ski. After a long day of exploring this mountainous landscape covering more than 2.5 million acres, you can find a hotel in Boise where you can experience a bit of rest and relaxation.

North Cascades National Park

Located about 2 1/2 hours outside of Seattle, North Cascades National Park offers incredible scenic hiking, ecological diversity, and more than 300 glaciers. With less than 27,000 visitors annually, this park may be one of the least visited parks in the country, making it a great outdoor destination if you want to avoid the crowds at busier national parks.

Lime Kiln Point State Park

The San Juan Islands in Washington state are a great option if you want to observe spectacular marine life. Located on the west end of San Juan Island, Lime Kiln Point is considered one of the best whale-watching spots on earth. Offering views of gray whales, orcas, sea lions, and porpoises, this state park is not to be missed. For the more adventurous, you’ll also find many kayaking and diving excursions available on San Juan Island.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

While the Columbia River Gorge offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities, those travelers interested in wind and paddle sports will be especially drawn to this destination. Since the gorge dividing Washington and Oregon provides a natural wind-tunnel effect, kiteboarders and windsurfers around the world enjoy it. The Gorge is also home to eclectic small towns where you can explore local galleries, breweries, and restaurants.

Dungeness Spit and National Wildlife Refuge

For a quieter trip, consider visiting the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Washington. Originally established in 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson as a refuge and preserve for native birds, the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is an optimal location for viewing about 250 species of birds and 41 species of land mammals. If you are interested in wildlife photography, you can be sure that you will capture some stunning images in this ecological haven of the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you are traveling to only one location or you are road-tripping throughout the American Northwest, the destinations above have much to offer those who love the outdoors. With breathtaking sights and an incredible variety of activities available, the five places above will not fail to make your next outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience.