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5 Reasons Why Living in Bellevue is Better than Seattle


Seattle is the dream for many people, offering countless tech jobs, artsy vibes, and the best coffee in the country. Although it’s an amazing place to work and spend time, it might not actually be the best place to live.

These are the top five reasons you should start looking into Bellevue instead and what makes this smaller city tick!

1. Far More Affordable

One of the biggest perks of Bellevue is that it’s far more affordable than Seattle. Although Bellevue houses for sale are pricier than the national average, they’re still easier to buy and come with far more room than the average home in Seattle.

Here you can buy more good homes, unlike the city, which is dominated by condos and micro dwellings, which are a lot of price for not so much space.

2. More Space to Move Around

Although the rush of city living is great in Seattle, it’s hard to feel like you have any space to yourself. From the cramped apartments and homes to the tight streets, constant traffic, and countless pedestrians, it’s natural to start to feel like there’s no space to move around.

In Bellevue, there’s room to stop and breathe. Although some areas do get busier, most of the city gives you room to take your time and relax. There’s no price you can put on being able to walk at a leisurely pace without people pushing past you to get to where they’re going.

3. Better Views

Seattle is beautiful. There’s no way around that: but Bellevue gets better views. Here you can enjoy the lakes, the rivers, and the mountain views, from every side. This means you don’t have to deal with constant buildings in your face and instead can enjoy some awesome nature.

4. Better Paying Jobs

Bellevue has far better jobs, in higher numbers, and in higher pay than Seattle. If Boeing or tech here doesn’t interest you, you can drive just ten minutes to Redmond to get to SpaceX, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s headquarters! This area is full of countless jobs, fantastic upward movement in your employment, and the chance to get the career you want without all of the competition in Seattle.

5. You Can Still Enjoy Seattle

If you really love the businesses and fun in Seattle: you can still go there whenever you want! Bellevue is just a few minutes outside of city limits and close enough to drive if you want to work in Seattle. Those ten miles are a twenty to thirty-minute drive depending on traffic, and perfectly feasible for the average person!

Everyone can stop and enjoy the countless things to do and see in Seattle, but you can still go back and enjoy living in Bellevue without the pressure of the city!

Bellevue Should Be Your Next Move!

Although Seattle is a dream and has something for absolutely anyone who lives here: Bellevue does it better. Consider moving to the best city in Washington state, and your future self (and wallet) will thank you!

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