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Features That Define a True Luxury Hotel


Holidays and vacations are when people can finally cut loose and leave their stressors behind. So, how do you have a hassle-free holiday? Luxury hotels guarantee a fun, relaxing, and memorable time. Luxury hotels provide superior advantages to their guests without sacrificing quality. But what makes a luxury hotel, luxury?

What Does a Luxury Hotel Mean?

The hallmark of luxury hotels is guest expectations being consistently met with a high standard of service. These hotels, work to provide high quality service regardless of their size or location. Luxury hotels need to have four-or five-stars. The stars awarded to hotels are regionally ranked according to the quality of the service and amenities available to guests. There is not an internationally accepted system that determines how many stars a hotel will receive. In Türkiye, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism evaluates local hotels and bestows star values. HSU (Hotelstars Union) in Europe is an association of tourism and hotel organization; they are the decision-making body for their region. Regardless, the best hotels are nearly always those with a five-star denotation.

Antalya’s five-star hotels and resorts are the first to come to mind when planning a stress-free holiday in Türkiye. All inclusive hotels in Belek ensure a pleasant holiday for guests, with high-quality specialty service. In addition to beautiful and spacious rooms, these hotels have additional facilities such as gyms, spas, outdoor and indoor pools, and complimentary food and beverages. Choose an all-inclusive summer holiday, in one of Antalya’s holiday resorts and luxury hotels.

Features that Define a Luxury Hotel

Various features are considered when evaluating luxury hotels in Antalya. For example, some are known for gastronomical excellence, high standards of hygiene, or because of their specialty amenities. However, in all luxury hotels, it is the high quality of service that stands out. Some features that define a hotel as luxury are:

  • Employees and staff serving in a luxury hotel are expert and qualified personnel. They are able to provide all necessary services to guest satisfaction.
  • A luxury hotel has at least sixty rooms, the minimum necessary for a five-star designation.
  • Fully stocked mini-bars and essential utensils.
  • In every room, televisions have access to international channels.
  • Parking services accommodate vehicles of all staff and at least ten percent of the number of rooms.
  • Luxury hotels anticipate the needs of their guests and are always ready to respond to special requests.
  • Luxury hotels may provide private terraces, pools and even jacuzzies in upscale suites.
  • Luxury hotels distinguish themselves through specialty menus, expert chefs, and fine dining options.
  • Luxury hotels exceed expectations, with sumptuously designed surroundings and specialized entertainment opportunities providing unique experiences for guests. To find out what to expect in a luxury hotel room visit this website: https://www.ins78.com/
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