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6 Best Beach Hotels in the World


The advantage of a beach hotel is that you never have to board a vehicle from your hotel to go to the beach, neither do you have to cross the streets before you feel sands in between your toes. There are also no building, trees or distance obscuring your view of the beach. Staying at beach hotel, does indeed make a difference compared to traveling to the beach from your hotel located in another region. The following list shows the 6 best beach hotels in the world. They range from across the globe, the main consideration being the value they give to your money’s worth of vacation/stay in their hotels:

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai:

Found in Big Island, Hawaii. The resort in located in a remote place, having 228 bungalows rooms having an incredible view of the ocean. It is just adjacent to the volcanic rock cost with freshwater swimming pools on one side, and sea water on the side, it has an open-air spa, yoga, personal trainers who offer all sorts of physical fitness.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora:

Located in French Polynesia. This hotel has about 107 rooms found along the beachside and other bungalows constructed over the water. This is perhaps the most exiting in that they are constructed over the water. You literally sleep in the ocean above the water. The buildings walls are made out of volcanic stones and the roofing is done using thatch and decorations done on it using merbau-timber and teak finishing.

Southern Ocean Lodge:

Found about 30 minutes on the outskirts of Adelaide, it is surrounded by a vast wildlife concentration. With the building having been made with a contemporary design yet it is green in attitude. It has about 21 suites which are constructed with limestone floors, and an outdoor terrace and it has works of local artisans. The construction of the buildings was made to take advantage of the natural weather conditions hence there is no need for air conditioning.

Lizard Island Resort:

This resort found in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It provides accommodation for 40 couples. It has 24 beaches which make up the Great Barrier Reef. The designing of open-plan suites was done using turquoise, royal blue and stark white to resemble the Coral Sea adjacent to it. Its decks and hammocks are designed to be hidden from view. At Lizard Island Resort you’ll get to enjoy, sunset cruises, be given complimentary picnic dinners which are just gourmet, during daylight you can indulge yourself in sunbathing from your personal veranda.

Hotel Santa Caterina:

Found in Amalfi, Italy. The Hotel is a family run business by the Gambardella family, and it’s currently under the fourth generation’s management. Their rooms are spread within their main building. Having triplet cottages, two villas which are all decorated using local antiques. It has an elevator which descends to a private beach, they also have a fitness centre, saltwater pool and a thatched roofed pizzeria with a fish grill.

Live Aqua:

Located in Cancun, Mexico. The Live Aqua presents has 371 rooms which are designed and painted in the same tones and materials which are neutral. The view of the outdoor compound is made serene by the lavender and eucalyptus aromatherapy which will make it soothing to relax and meditate within the compound. The hotel also has 8 swimming pools whose temperature are varied, to suite your preference.

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