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Resort Vacation International Is the Modern Way to Market Vacation Properties


Resort Vacation International is the modern way to market a vacation property. Specializing in connecting Vacation Property owners with Renters, Resort Vacations International introduces owners to renters in top-selling vacation destinations and entices short and long-term rentals through a variety of proven marketing strategies.

The Resort Vacation International team prides itself on its familiarity with resorts and private vacation properties both domestic and international, and has a proven track record of satisfying renters and owners with remarkable properties in the most desirable places to vacation.

For those who own a vacation property, such as a timeshare, condo, townhouse, or cottage that they do not use, or only use infrequently, Resort Vacation International can help them to get more value out of their home, while still owning and enjoying it on their own schedule.

Resort Vacation International maximizes traffic to a property owner’s online advertisements through travel agencies, direct mail, event planners, convention coordinators, corporate and vacationing publications, as well as though earned media placements and reviews. Through use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Resort Vacation International has been able to increase owners’ offers for their properties – both in length of time rented and rental amount – in most cases.

Starting the process is easy. Most customers simply input their name and property information onto Resort Vacation International’s easy online form, and a representative will be in contact with them shortly. After going over a series of qualifying questions, it will be determined if Resort Vacation International’s service would benefit the property owner. If so, the property owner will sign a marketing agreement allowing Resort Vacation International to promote their vacation property, and within two to three months, they should receive the first offer for property rental!

For those looking to rent a property, know that connecting to inventory through Resort Vacation International is one of the only ways to gain access to resort accommodations and amenities at these outstanding owner prices. Furthermore, Resort Vacation International is the best way to visit a resort and appreciate it in person before deciding to purchase or make a larger rental investment.

To begin this process, just browse an ever-growing inventory of rentals available all over the world. An in-depth description of the property and its features as well as pricing and availability are easy to locate on the site. Nothing is hidden!

Working with only individuals or couples who own a property, and not larger developments, hospitality brands or industry behemoths, Resort Vacation International is able to give individual property owners and renters specialized expertise and dedicated attention. Owners and renters can be confident in working with a company that is trusted in the industry for providing comprehensive service on both sides of the rental agreement.

Resort Vacation International has a 100% commitment to satisfaction. There are no appraisal fees, no commissions and no broker fees. Instead, there is just an end to increasing maintenance fees and taxes for your underutilized property or a destination vacation full of magic and memories.

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