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Choose the Perfect Tour Company

Stop choosing places you are used to or even tired of for every vacation, because it just can’t bring you any new emotions, desire to explore more, and the feeling that you took a great rest and restored energy reserves. It time to stop taking a great number of similar excursions around places you’ve seen so many times before and searching for yours only in one or two countries.

It’s time to get familiar with something new and unique, feel absolutely free, and far from real-life problems. This kind of experience you can get in Denver, Colorado – the area of high mountains, endless valleys, and picturesque foothills. Start your exceptional wildlife adventure and see those marvelous lands by yourself.

Travel to Denver!

Our Denver tours is a unique opportunity to see fantastic natural landmarks – places with inimitable nature and plenty of activities. For example, you can go for Foothills Explorer Tour to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and walk through uninhabited forests with experienced guides.

You can also try the most popular tours in Colorado – a journey to the Rocky Mountain National Park and Mount Evans Tour. They are one of the most visited landmarks in the US for sightseeing and hiking tours, thousands of people have already fallen in love with them, so don’t miss a chance to become one of those lucky ones.

Why Explorer tours?

There are many travel companies, that are ready to offer you any of the tours around Denver’s city center and its natural surroundings. You can choose any of them, but our team tries to treat you not as regular clients, but as our dearest guests. Our private and daily tours are based on the rule of providing the most convenient conditions and considering all the little things you may not even notice.

Visit our website: to book your next adventure in Denver.

Travel Insurance

Private Hire Car Services Make the Difference

Getting where we need to go is rarely as simple as it sounds. When you have to traverse to a crowded, typically downtown, area it can become all the more difficult. Honking, braking, congested roadways, it is enough to drive a person mad.

Private hire in Kingston makes it all a bit easier. Get where you need to go in comfort and style instead of having to deal with the stresses of traffic and driving. Private hire car services provide an elite, professional transportation service to get you where you need to be.

Total Car Services

Kingston private hire provides a comfort and service like no other. In addition to preserving your sanity, car hire can be a great way to prepare for a last-minute meeting, get important phone calls taken care of, or simply to relax and enjoy the ride.

A quality car service should be able to offer the following services:

  • 24/7 airport transfers
  • Corporate contract services
  • Pre-booked taxi services
  • Minicab services

Change the way that you travel to and from destinations with a car hire service.

Priority Accounts

Best of all, frequent customers can save money and gain additional perks through a priority account. Gain access to top-of-the-line taxi services like no other, getting where you need to go on a regular basis without any issue.

Don’t deal with the stresses of travel again. Make it a comfortable experience that you can’t wait to partake in again and again.

Travel Insurance

Resort Vacation International Is the Modern Way to Market Vacation Properties

Resort Vacation International is the modern way to market a vacation property. Specializing in connecting Vacation Property owners with Renters, Resort Vacations International introduces owners to renters in top-selling vacation destinations and entices short and long-term rentals through a variety of proven marketing strategies.

The Resort Vacation International team prides itself on its familiarity with resorts and private vacation properties both domestic and international, and has a proven track record of satisfying renters and owners with remarkable properties in the most desirable places to vacation.

For those who own a vacation property, such as a timeshare, condo, townhouse, or cottage that they do not use, or only use infrequently, Resort Vacation International can help them to get more value out of their home, while still owning and enjoying it on their own schedule.

Resort Vacation International maximizes traffic to a property owner’s online advertisements through travel agencies, direct mail, event planners, convention coordinators, corporate and vacationing publications, as well as though earned media placements and reviews. Through use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Resort Vacation International has been able to increase owners’ offers for their properties – both in length of time rented and rental amount – in most cases.

Starting the process is easy. Most customers simply input their name and property information onto Resort Vacation International’s easy online form, and a representative will be in contact with them shortly. After going over a series of qualifying questions, it will be determined if Resort Vacation International’s service would benefit the property owner. If so, the property owner will sign a marketing agreement allowing Resort Vacation International to promote their vacation property, and within two to three months, they should receive the first offer for property rental!

For those looking to rent a property, know that connecting to inventory through Resort Vacation International is one of the only ways to gain access to resort accommodations and amenities at these outstanding owner prices. Furthermore, Resort Vacation International is the best way to visit a resort and appreciate it in person before deciding to purchase or make a larger rental investment.

To begin this process, just browse an ever-growing inventory of rentals available all over the world. An in-depth description of the property and its features as well as pricing and availability are easy to locate on the site. Nothing is hidden!

Working with only individuals or couples who own a property, and not larger developments, hospitality brands or industry behemoths, Resort Vacation International is able to give individual property owners and renters specialized expertise and dedicated attention. Owners and renters can be confident in working with a company that is trusted in the industry for providing comprehensive service on both sides of the rental agreement.

Resort Vacation International has a 100% commitment to satisfaction. There are no appraisal fees, no commissions and no broker fees. Instead, there is just an end to increasing maintenance fees and taxes for your underutilized property or a destination vacation full of magic and memories.

Travel Insurance

How to Save Money on Accommodations While Traveling

Do you love to travel but hate to pay out too much on accommodations? We’ve all felt like we paid out too much for hotel rooms in the past. It can be difficult to learn that you could have paid much less if you had only shopped around before you booked your stay. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help save yourself some extra spending cash when you book your next trip. By following these steps, you will enjoy staying in top-rated hotels without paying the five-star prices.

Comparison Shop by Letting Hotels Know What You’re Planning to Pay another Location

Start off by booking a hotel reservation that can be cancelled without fees or restrictions. Then, call up a nearby hotel that isn’t part of the same chain and see if they will offer you a more affordable deal. Let them know that you have a reservation at another hotel and what the price is. They may be willing to offer you the same room at a lower price just to beat out their competitors.

Booking Your Stay Overseas? Search on Non-US Websites

Chances are good that you’re not going to get a great deal on overseas accommodations while booking on a US website. By checking out what other hotel search tools from different countries have to offer, you will notice that you have a much broader selection in terms of price and package deals. There, you will be able to find affordable hotels that may not be found on popular US websites.

Knowing the Right Words to Say Can Make the Difference

When you need to book a budget hotel, it is a good idea to understand how the hotel language works. If you call a hotel and ask for the “best deal on a room,” you may not get the most accurate results. However, if you ask for the “cheapest nonrefundable rate,” you will be more likely to get a room without paying out too much. Another tip from hotel clerks is that if you are requesting an upgrade, the best time to ask is if you check in around 6 p.m. At this time of day, the clerks know which rooms are going to be vacant that night.

Lock in Your Affordable Rate without Prepaying Anything

Accommodation rates often go up and down from one day to the next. If you are unsure about when you should book your hotel room, you can use an online source to help lock in your rate. There are various websites available that can help you “call dibs” on your hotel room and price. While there may only be a few hotel chains that participate in this type of comparison pricing, you could still save plenty of money on your total hotel costs.

Look for Hotel Discounts Everywhere

You can become an AAA member and save a reasonable amount on hotel stays all across the country. Always be sure to shop around and take advantage of comparison sites, discounts, and coupon websites that offer special deals, especially during busy travel seasons. AAA members can receive as much as a 50% discount at many national hotel chains.

Travel Insurance

Why Do I need Travel Insurance

There are people who ask themselves this question, and with a tight budget, they belong to the “it won’t happen to me” brigade. In the event that the holiday comes and goes without incident, all is well and good, yet should a person require medical treatment abroad and they have no insurance cover, this could be very expensive.

Does my Tour Operator Offer Insurance?

If you booked the flights and accommodation at the same time from a registered tour operator, there would likely be a basic form of insurance. This would cover you for some things, specifically, anything the tour operator is responsible for. If, for example, a waitress in your hotel spilled hot coffee on your lap, then your tour operator’s insurance would cover this, as they are responsible for the hotel accommodation, and the waitress is the hotel’s employee. If the accident happened in a café down the street, then your tour operator would not be liable, as the café in question is not provided by the tour operator. In short, the cover you receive when buying a package holiday is minimal, so it is essential to take out the right holiday insurance cover, which can be tailored to your requirements.

How Do I Obtain Travel Insurance?

It couldn’t be any easier, simply visit the website of an established online broker to get tips on how to purchase a travel insurance policy online. You can easily source the best quotes, as they work with an extensive network of insurers, and after you answer a few multiple choice questions, you will receive several quotes. Should you have any questions, it is possible to chat with someone, and the site is full of informative articles covering all aspects of holiday insurance.

Secure Online Payment

Once you have decided on the best policy, simply make a secure online payment, and the policy documents will be mailed to your home address. With unbeatable prices and a convenient system, your travel insurance needs are all covered, and all from the comfort of your living room. Here is an informative article that highlights the importance of taking out the right cover for your trip.

The Risks

Holidaying abroad is fraught with risk, a strange language, unfamiliar roads, a different climate, and the extreme outdoor activities we all like to take part in. If anything should happen while abroad, such as emergency medical treatment, the cost could be astronomical, and should a person require repatriation, the bill could run into tens of thousands of dollars. For what it costs, comprehensive travel insurance will give you peace of mind, and should anything untoward happen, you will be covered. Sickness, accident or injury, lost property, and repatriation to your home country should all be included.

The soaring cost of medical treatment highlights the need for adequate travel insurance, and by using a broker, you can secure the best terms at the lowest price.

Travel Insurance

Top Tips for Purchasing Travel Insurance

If you really want to enjoy your holiday without a care in the world, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared. That means packing everything you need, reading customer reviews about the hotel you’re staying at, choosing a destination that you’ll love, and planning which activities you’ll partake in during your trip. However, it also means being prepared for any unfortunate mishaps.

There are still many people who think they don’t need to buy travel insurance because the chances of anything going wrong are slim. While it’s true that most people don’t need to make a claim while on holiday, there are definitely people who need to call their insurer as a result of sustaining an injury. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that means you need to look to obtain a quote from a cheaper travel insurance provider.

Finding the cheapest travel insurance provider often means comparing the market, but you should have an idea of what to look out for if you want to find a high-value deal. Quotes from different insurance providers can vary wildly, so you need to make sure that you’re getting a lot for your money. Below, this article will detail a few things you should know in order to find the best insurance package for your needs.

Find an Insurer You Can Trust

As long as you find an insurer that covers you for any and all unfortunate mishaps, you’ll be more than happy that you bought travel insurance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around:

  • It’s not always cheaper to buy group travel insurance – You might think that insuring the whole family under one package would be the cheapest option, but that’s not always the case. Insurers typically take into account the oldest person’s age when providing group quotes, so you might be better off purchasing insurance for yourself under a solo package and the kids under a group package.
  • Be honest about any pre-existing medical conditions – Unfortunately, premiums are usually higher for those with a pre-existing medical condition, but that’s just something you need to accept. If you don’t tell your insurer about your condition, they might not pay out in the event you sustain an injury.
  • You might not need to pay extra for a premium package – You might think the premium packages that cost more than standard packages are high-value because of what they offer. However, even if you need an airlift from a mountain to the nearest hospital, the costs are very unlikely to go into the millions.

Of course, you’d rather not have to make a claim, but you still need to buy travel insurance. For starters, travel insurance packages are usually inexpensive, and they provide you with the peace of mind that you won’t be hurt financially should you get sick or sustain an injury. As long as you secure the best deal, you can make the most of your holiday knowing that somebody has your back should anything go wrong.

Travel Insurance

Luckily, I Had Travel Insurance

I am proud to say I am very well traveled. I’ve visited almost every part of the globe and stayed everywhere from cheap hostels in Europe to luxurious beach destinations. With all the travelling I’ve done, I’ve had my share of unfortunate moments as many other world explorers do.

One of the scariest experiences of my life was when I got sick in Panama. I’ll never forget the experience. Before I got ill I was getting ready and making myself look beautiful for a night out on the town. We had planned on going out to eat than taking a walk on a romantic beach with drinks. I had no clue that I was about to experience one of the worst experiences in my life.

We went to a restaurant that seemed great, and I decided to order the chicken dish. Before leaving the house I had checked the reviews and not one person had something bad to say.

A couple hours after I ate, I immediately knew there was something wrong. I felt hot and my stomach was turning in every direction imaginable. I realized at this moment that I had gotten food poisoning at dinner. My initial reaction was that I wanted to take a flight home. Although I had spent thousands on the vacation, I knew I’d feel safer and secure if I could go to a hospital I was familiar with.

I was contacting my travel planner to arrange travel back to the states when I was hit with the stomach pain. I ran to the bathroom and in that moment realized I would be forced to go to a hospital in a different country. I must admit that this was one of my biggest concerns about traveling and was horrified the moment I realized it was becoming a reality.

Luckily, I had properly planned for an emergency by buying travel insurance. Although I had originally bought it in case something came up at work and I had to change dates, it came handy when I got sick in Panama. I will never go on a vacation ever again without purchasing travel insurance. It’s a small price to pay to have a peace of mind.

I called my travel insurance agent and he was immediately able to advise me on what to do. My insurance covered medical care and I was all set to go to the hospital without worrying about an astronomical medical bill.

After I got to the hospital, the first thing they asked me when I checked in was proof that I could pay for the expenses. I was relieved when they recognize and accepted the medical care that was available through my travel insurance. Although I had wished I could’ve gone home, I knew that obtaining immediate medical attention was essential. It just couldn’t wait.

What I learned from this vacation is to not take life for granted. Even though vacations are meant to be a fun getaway, you always have to prepare for the worst. If I hadn’t of previously bought travel insurance, I don’t know what I would’ve done. My options would have been to rack up a ridiculous bill or refuse to get the medical attention I needed. I recommend getting travel insurance to everyone since I went on vacation.

Travel Insurance

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Although traveling and vacations can be filled with fun, being in new places can be dangerous. Travel insurance coverage will ensure that you can experience and enjoy the vacation you pay for. Buying travel insurance may seem unnecessary but a lot can come up while you’re away from home.

Here are some real life examples of when travel insurance coverage would be needed:

Someone gets sick before you even leave: Someone getting sick could completely prevent your vacation from ever happening. Because vacations are often prepaid, there is no way to get a refund or change your travel dates. You lose the entirety of the money you put towards the trip. This is absolutely devastating for people who have saved up and waited to go on their vacations.

Natural Catastrophes: Another vacation killer is Mother Nature. For example, say you are planning to go to Cancun. All of a sudden you hear on the news that Cancun has been hit with a tornado and your resort has been forced to shut down. Your vacation plans are completely ruined.

Family Emergency: While you’re on vacation, an emergency could come up at home making you leave immediately. For example, your mother suffers a stroke. You make the obvious decision of cutting your vacation time short and purchasing last minute tickets. Without travel insurance, you just lost the cost of the vacation and incurred the cost of overpriced last minute tickets.

An accident occurs on the trip: Having an accident, such as falling down the stairs or slicing a finger can happen virtually anywhere. The only difference between it happening at home and when you’re on vacation is the astronomically high bill you will receive from the hospital.

You have no one to turn to: Having no one to contact during a medical emergency can be a horrifying experience. You can avoid this by having travel insurance.

A Medical Airlift Costs You a Fortune: In the unfortunate case that you need a medical airlift to rush you to the emergency room, you don’t want to have the additional stress of paying the bill. Although this may seem unlikely, this kind of medical bill can leave you paralyzed by debt. It will also have a devastating impact on your credit score which can affect your ability to take out loans.

Missing Luggage Leaves You without Your Medication: Luggage can go missing at the airport for numerous reasons. It can be lost on the way, or stolen when it gets there. If your luggage with your medicine gets misplaced, there’s no doubt you’d have to go home. By the time you get back you have just wasted thousands on a vacation that is non-refundable.

By getting vacation insurance, you will have the peace of mind you deserve on vacation. Although we’d like everything to go as planned, accidents do happen and the best way to prepare is to get t vacation insurance. Don’t lose all of your hard earned money because something came up before or on your special get away.