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Don’t Leave Home Without It


Although traveling and vacations can be filled with fun, being in new places can be dangerous. Travel insurance coverage will ensure that you can experience and enjoy the vacation you pay for. Buying travel insurance may seem unnecessary but a lot can come up while you’re away from home.

Here are some real life examples of when travel insurance coverage would be needed:

Someone gets sick before you even leave: Someone getting sick could completely prevent your vacation from ever happening. Because vacations are often prepaid, there is no way to get a refund or change your travel dates. You lose the entirety of the money you put towards the trip. This is absolutely devastating for people who have saved up and waited to go on their vacations.

Natural Catastrophes: Another vacation killer is Mother Nature. For example, say you are planning to go to Cancun. All of a sudden you hear on the news that Cancun has been hit with a tornado and your resort has been forced to shut down. Your vacation plans are completely ruined.

Family Emergency: While you’re on vacation, an emergency could come up at home making you leave immediately. For example, your mother suffers a stroke. You make the obvious decision of cutting your vacation time short and purchasing last minute tickets. Without travel insurance, you just lost the cost of the vacation and incurred the cost of overpriced last minute tickets.

An accident occurs on the trip: Having an accident, such as falling down the stairs or slicing a finger can happen virtually anywhere. The only difference between it happening at home and when you’re on vacation is the astronomically high bill you will receive from the hospital.

You have no one to turn to: Having no one to contact during a medical emergency can be a horrifying experience. You can avoid this by having travel insurance.

A Medical Airlift Costs You a Fortune: In the unfortunate case that you need a medical airlift to rush you to the emergency room, you don’t want to have the additional stress of paying the bill. Although this may seem unlikely, this kind of medical bill can leave you paralyzed by debt. It will also have a devastating impact on your credit score which can affect your ability to take out loans.

Missing Luggage Leaves You without Your Medication: Luggage can go missing at the airport for numerous reasons. It can be lost on the way, or stolen when it gets there. If your luggage with your medicine gets misplaced, there’s no doubt you’d have to go home. By the time you get back you have just wasted thousands on a vacation that is non-refundable.

By getting vacation insurance, you will have the peace of mind you deserve on vacation. Although we’d like everything to go as planned, accidents do happen and the best way to prepare is to get t vacation insurance. Don’t lose all of your hard earned money because something came up before or on your special get away.

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