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What to Look for in a Great Hotel in Malaysia


There’s no doubt that Malaysia is one of the great rising vacation destinations in Asia today. It’s hot, trendy, and on the rise, and at the same time a place with the substance and staying power to keep people coming back for more. With everything from modern luxury resorts to incredible historic sites to beaches, golf courses, and so much more, booking a vacation in Kuala Lumpur is a great choice for everything from honeymoons to summer getaways and so much more.

That said, you naturally want to live in style while you’re there, and KL International Hotel is your best option for a Malaysian hotel that has it all.

Location, Location, Location

The golden rule of real estate holds true in hotel room rental as well—location is everything. You want a hotel that’s in the centre of the action, yet still easily accessible. Ideally, your hotel should be located near the local hotspots, and in Kuala Lumpur that includes sites such as the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) and Petronas Twin Tower (otherwise known as the KLCC Twin Towers.) These financial hubs are also home to some of the finest dining and nightlife options in Malaysia.

Rooms and Suites

Nothing spoils a vacation quicker than finding out you’ll be staying in a cramped, dirty, damp, and drafty old ramshackle room. The best hotels in Malaysia pride themselves on providing their guests with spacious, luxurious, warm, and inviting rooms which are sure to make you feel right at home.

For example, your room should come equipped with a large TV and Wi-Fi, two features which have become synonymous with quality hotels. Rooms are regularly cleaned, beds are incredibly soft, and you can relax, refresh, and unwind in your suite’s gleaming bathroom area.

Dining and Entertainment

The leading hotels in Malaysia all have their own accommodations and claims to fame when it comes to the fine dining and entertainment they offer. Fine dining in particular is worthy of praise among the hotels in Malaysia. If you don’t want to hit the town for a fine meal, you can find one right in your own hotel. Coffee and tea houses are also wonderfully relaxing and often offer in-house entertainment.

Special Offers and Events

We live in an age where travel is becoming more and more common. This is due in no small part to the fact that humanity in the age of globalisation is more interconnected than ever before. In addition, we’re now used to deals being offered on an everyday basis, and that’s certainly the case with many of the leading Malaysian hotels.

What’s more, these hotels offer great deals for those looking to host special functions. If you are looking to host a business conference, a Malaysian hotel located near the aforementioned PWTC and KLCC Twin Towers might be just the thing. If you’re looking to host a wedding, you won’t find a more romantic getaway in Asia than a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

All this and more make Malaysian hotels a hot choice for travellers, businesspeople, brides, and bridegrooms alike.

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