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Walk on deserts of Turkey


There are many assumptions formed when people are planning to visit Turkey for the first time. One of those assumptions is that the Western Asia country of Turkey is all made up of deserts, but in fact there is only one desert in Turkey. This desert is located in Karapınar, Konya and contains Meke Lake, which is a crater that was formed from a volcanic explosion. To walk on the deserts of Turkey you would need to visit this specific spot.

 Even though there is only one actual desert in Turkey, there is still plenty of great places to visit once you are there. Here are some highlights.

Places to Visit in Turkey

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the larger cities in Turkey and is full of local culture. It is one of the more developed cities and is full of museums, spice markets, mosques, and also ruins.

  • Derinkuyu

The city of Derinkuyu is an eight level underground city that can be explored. It was inhabited by locals when they were trying to hide from the Roman Empire. Today it is a rich source of the country’s history.

  • Kas

The town of Kas is located on the coast of Turkey and has a large art culture. It is right on the Mediterranean Sea and can be a lovely place to spend a holiday.

  • Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a location in Turkey with 17 different hot springs that you can walk through. The water is warm and the place is a beautiful sight to see.

Things to know about Turkey
  • One important thing to know about Turkey is that the people are incredibly hospitable. As a tourist you can take advantage of this by using a home stay situation, where a family will let you into their personal home. This allows you to both experience life as a local would and also to get to know some people and hear insider facts about the country.
  • The main language spoken in Turkey is Turkish with 90% of people speaking it, although some people also speak Kurdish and Arabic. Most of the people who speak Kurdish and Arabic will be bilingual.
  • The currency in Turkey is the lira, and you can usually get a better exchange rate in the country as opposed to in your home country.

Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey will require a visa on top of U.S. passports. Getting a Turkey visa for a tourist can be as simple as purchasing a sticker for your passport. Turkey has regulations about how long a tourist may stay; the current limit is for a 90-day period out of 180 days. This does not affect the requirements involved in traveling to the country, but it does of course limit the amount of time that can be spent there. To stay in Turkey longer than 90 days it will be necessary to obtain a Turkish residence permit or get a work permit. Anyone who overstays his or her visa may be fined and deported from the country, so it is not suggested that anyone do so.

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