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Top Excursions For Holidays in Sardinia


If you’re planning on booking holidays in Sardinia this summer, with so much on offer on the tiny Italian island you may need to refine your excursion ideas. It is a good idea to get as much information about what you can see and enjoy on your holidays in Sardinia before you go, then decide exactly what you want to experience. Once you’ve set it it stone you can fine tune your itinerary and make sure your holiday is perfect in every way!

This well-known (and very well loved) island paradise lies off the coast of Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean. The stunning coastline and beautiful weather are the main attractions for tourists, but there are so many other attractive elements too.

Nuraghe of Barumini

The Nuraghe of Barumini are quite possibly the most important (and definitely the best-preserved) nuraghe of the 7000 sites spread all over the island. In 1997 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, and it is one of the places on the island that really should not be missed. These defensive structures date back to the 2nd millennium BC, when the Bronze Age dominated the world. The main features are the defensive towers, fashioned into truncated cone shapes; these were reinforced in the first half of the 1st millennium and have been preserved ever since.

Maddalena Archipelago

There are seven major islands that make up the Maddalena Archipelago, which is another UNESCO World Heritage site. This beautiful group of islands is surrounded by stunning blue waters, and full day or half day excursions can be organised to take you to some of the small beaches and hidden coves only accessible by boat. The incredible natural beauty of these islands is bound to please any nature lover.

Chia Beach

For those who love a beach, Chia Beach has some of the clearest waters on the island. Stretching about six kilometers, it is dominated by the Homonym Tower. There is also an archeological site here, known as Nora; it has Punic origins and is thought to be the oldest village on the island.

Su Gorroppu Gorge

A visit to Su Gorroppu Gorge is also worth including on the itinerary of your holidays in Sardinia, especially if you enjoy discovering the natural history of the place you are visiting. This gorge is the deepest on the island, and possibly even one of the deepest in Europe. Located in Ogliastra, in the southeastern part of the island, this gorge boasts some of the island’s wildest natural environments. Exploring this area is a magical experience and, in fact, there is a legend that in Ogliastra, there is a mystical piece of land that when walked upon offers a long life. Although no one knows where this piece of land lies exactly, people do come hoping to seal themselves a positive future.

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