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9 Tips To Have A Successful Road Trip With Your Family


Family road trips are the best. Rather than flying from point A to point B and missing everything in between, a lot of Aussie families choose to go on a road trip. And with a country like Australia where you have roads with most beautiful scenic beauties, you can never miss a chance to go on a road trip. A road trip with family done right will surely make your bonding with other people stronger. So, we have a list of tips to make your family bonds better because we don’t want you to stop from joining another road trip with your family again.

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Always plan the trip together:-

Sit down with your family and plan the trip together. Always make sure everyone is involved in the plan so that no one can complain or make faces on the trip. Try to cover up everyone’s desires in the tour. Try to involve your kids in the trip too. Call the trip a project. Kids love projects.

Ask questions like what kind of trip it would be?? A relaxing one or an adventurous one? Questions like how many days it should take or where should you guys head to will arise the interest about the trip to the family members. Also have the necessary things needed for a trip ready before the trip, to buy the things on discounts, check out HotOzCoupons. And then when you decide the place, go to your pc, make a route map, plan the date and then hit the road.

Pack light:-

One of the worst things about travelling is when it comes to packing. And unpacking is, even worse when you have to unpack in your luggage in the holiday hangovers. Try not to stress too much, pack only what’s necessary and try to buy other small things on the go. Always half your clothes and double your budget. Take your slippers, take some loose, comfortable dresses, neutral colour combinations will be the best as they suit with every season. Keep your swim wears and rain gears with you. Australia is full of lakes and rainforests.

Keep some information before hitting the road. Information like the weather where you’re going, what kind of activities will you have there or know about the accommodation.

Food and drink:-

Never leave a kid hungry on a road trip. You may not drive around Australia like other mad about road trip people, but always have plenty of water in hand. Don’t get dehydrated in the middle of a road trip. You never know the next stop. Always bring one water bottle per person at least. Have plenty of snacks in your hand while you’re on a trip. Never leave your children with a lot of sugar in the backseat. But never throw the packets away.

Pre-departure tips:-

Before hitting the road schedule your payment bills, choose a trusted source to collect all your emails. Clean out your fridges, leave your keys to someone trusted, send your bank information about how long you’ll be out of town. This will help them to shut down your credit and debit cards.


Boredom sucks. Along with hunger and tired body, boredom is something that will make the ambience cool. Keep your kids far away from the tiredness of the long journey. You can have DVD players, audiobooks. If your kids are a bookworm, hand them e-books.


When you hit the road go hand in hand with technology. Use a satellite navigation system to find out the shortest routes. It will also help you to know about traffic conditions. You can also know about the estimated journey time.

Stop early, stop often:-

Sticking your whole family in a confined place is not a good idea. Sitting constantly in one place will also make them bored. Find some refreshment stops at least once in an hour. Find some rest stops where both you and the rest of the family can have fun and spread some legs.

Spend time in fewer places:-

Don’t try to stop everywhere and do everything. Spend your time more but in fewer places. And, when you stop less, you can also save on your fuel. Have your must-see list sorted and don’t miss out on that list for stopping at different places.

Hitting the road:-

Have a perfect good night sleep before the night of the road trip. Feed your car with full gas. Keep all electronic gadgets charged and have a spare battery charged too. Share the driving seat with someone in the family. Put your headlights on when it’s dark or wet.

Keep these tips in mind and hit the road. Forget your stresses. Happy vacations.

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