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Travel to London for an Amazing Vacation


London is one of the most visited cities in the entire world, possibly because English is spoken there, but most likely because this is where the Royal Family lives. Everyone wants to see Buckingham Palace and try to catch a glimpse of at least one member of the Royal Family and the only way to do this is to travel to London. Of course, there are other reasons why people want to travel to London, including the history, diversity, and delicious cuisine. Using the services of RoutePerfect will ensure that you get the most out of your London trip.

Here are 5 places that everyone needs to visit when they travel to London:


This prehistoric monument is often called Stonehedge instead of Stonehenge and it is located over in Wiltshire. There are numerous tours to this site from London, which is not surprising since it is believed that the monument was built between 3000 B.C. and 2000 B.C. Stonehenge is a ring of stones that stand 13 feet high and 6 feet 11 inches wide. Each stone weighs approximately 25 tons.

Kensington Palace

Princess Diana is still quite popular even though her death occurred almost twenty years ago. Inside Kensington Palace, visitors can view Princess Diana’s dresses, an exhibit about Queen Victoria’s life, and the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is more than 700 years old and is so popular that over a million people visit there every year. The Abbey is the one location that has the most British history in one location including the burial vaults of the British Royalty.

Buckingham Palace

There are only certain times of the year when people can go inside Buckingham Palace and that is during the summer when the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family are not in residence there. During those times, people can walk through the nineteen State Rooms and view some of the paintings that are included in the Royal Collection. At any time of the year, people are welcome to stand outside the Palace and watch the Changing of the Guard.

Big Ben

The huge clock at the Northern end of the Palace of Westminster has a Great Bell and both the clock and the bell have been nicknamed Big Ben. The tower used to be called the Clock Tower, but when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the tower was renamed Elizabeth Tower. This tower is one of the most prominent attractions in London and has been included in multiple movies that have been shot in the city.

Millions of people spend time traveling every year and at some point in time, many of them will travel to London. The city is amazing, the sights are spectacular, and while it may rain quite often, it isn’t enough to dampen the spirits of those who call the city their home.

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