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Your Next Exotic Holiday in Malaysia

ca. 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia --- Kuala Lumpur Evening Skyline --- Image by © Casa Productions/CORBIS

Most of us save our hard-earned money all year to go on a holiday at the end of the year. The ideal holiday for most people allows them to relax and unwind in surroundings that are both unfamiliar and comfortable. While many people tend to go to the same destination for their holiday year after year, don’t you deserve to stay somewhere exotic and enticing? After all, the best holidays are usually the ones that we remember for the rest of our lives!

Experience the Beauty of Negeri Sembilan

The rich cultural history of the Negeri Sembilan region, not far from Kuala Lumpur, ensures that most visitors will have plenty of things to see and do! The water and coastlines alone are well worth seeing, and there are a number of luxury hotels and chalets there where one can stay and discover what makes the area so special. Why not stay in the chalet in Negeri Sembilan and not only relax and recharge the batteries but also build lasting memories?

While staying in the area, you should consider exploring the rather quiet seaside town of Port Dickson. A popular coastal getaway for both residents of Kuala Lumpur and tourists, Port Dickson may not offer the heady nightlife of big cities, but it more than makes up for this with relaxing coastal areas, souvenir and shopping areas, and lovely restaurants.

If you are staying in the Negeri Sembilan area at one of the luxury chalets and you have a taste for something more cosmopolitan, why not visit the city of Seremban? As the centre of the Minangkabau culture from Sumatra, Seremban offers places to see like the Cultural Arts Centre and the Museum. The city itself is also home to a rapidly growing commercial district where one can visit shopping centres or places to eat, so there is always something to do for the tourist with a taste for the exotic!

Staying in a Luxury Chalet

It is always important when going on holiday that the accommodation is up to par. After all, it will be a base of operations, so it needs to be comfortable and conveniently located. Some people skimp on accommodation, preferring to pay as little as possible, but this is always a mistake when going overseas on holiday. The top priority should always be comfort!

The good news is that there is luxury chalet accommodation right in the heart of Negeri Sembilan. Many of these chalets are actually built right above the water. This provides weary travellers and tourists with a grand view of the coastline and a unique and exotic type of accommodation. Not only this, but these chalets also provide easy access to other parts of the coastline, whether it be the Port Dickson area or the cultural richness of the city of Seremban.

Rather than go to the same old holiday spot for your next trip away, why not think about some luxury chalet accommodation in a country where the tourist dollar goes a long way and the coastline seems to stretch on forever?

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