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Top 5 Monsoon Destinations to Visit In India


India’s monsoon season typically starts from June and extends to September. Generally, people will be having various uncertainties if travel is possible or what it would really be like? These doubts do not seem unfair considering that rains can dampen a holiday trip any time But there are some places which will look lively even more is it is monsoon season. Travel during monsoon season is not something to worry about and in some cases travelling in monsoon can even turn out to be advantageous given the climatic conditions. Fortunately, one need not abandon their monsoon trips in India as there are some exhilarating places to visit. Based on the nationality, one needs to have authorization to visit these places. International Tourists will be needing Indian Visas and may be some state permits based on local state laws. Here’s a list that discusses the top 5 monsoon destinations in India:

(1) Ladakh and Leh:

This one can be rated as the best travel destination during monsoon season. This place attracts most of the passionate bikers during monsoon season. Its voluptuary display of natural beauty puts the soul in tranquility. The mountain ranges around the place turn it into an amazing sight to behold. The roads to Leh are actually cut off from outer world for most of the year except from June to October as the snow melts down. This place has been attracting a lot of international tourists in recent years. Some of the trekking adventures that can be done here are jaw-dropping. This place can easily be accessible by flight from Jammu, Srinagar and Delhi all the time.

(2) Coorg:

A delightful hill station in Karnataka which attracts a lot of tourists during Monsoon season. It is also called as ‘Kashmir of the South’ and Scotland of India’ for its luxurious beauty and scenic atmosphere. Rough mountain territory scattered with wilderness, plantations of coffee and rich paddy fields, it’s one of south India’s most delightful monsoon destinations. It is one of the wettest place in India and 20% of Karnataka’s forest area is covered by Coorg making it a multifariousness spot for a wide range of flora and fauna. The best season to visit Coorg is during October but one can also visit this place throughout the year given its climatic conditions.

(3) Kerala:

God’s own country; which is famous for backwaters becomes a tourist attraction center during monsoon season. It’s beautiful scenery, lavish greenery and backwaters make it a must-visit place in India. Munnar, the most famous hill station of Kerala which is rich of mountain ranges, deep valleys and lush forest areas makes it more exciting. There are wide range of tourist packages available throughout the year The Kerala tourism department has taken a special interest in its tourism in recent years, thus making it more and more tourist attractive. Can be visited any time but monsoon season provides extra essence.

(4) Goa:

Less said, the most chilling and cooling destination in the summer becomes more lovely and lively during monsoons seasons. Its picturesque waterfalls, fantastic scenery are some of the talking points. And as known, Goa is famous for many cultural festivals. Monsoon adds more flavor to the scenery making the travel a wonderful experience. The series of waterfalls that are in the border of Goa- Karnataka are must visit ones during this season. Goa is also famous for its rich sea food cuisines. If you’re all set to get wet and enjoy the nature’s beauty, consider a Goa trip.

(5) Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand:

Valley of Flowers is a national park which is located in West Himalaya, which is widely known fora distinguished variety of flora. These flowers blossom mostly in the months of August-October and this flowery presence makes the trekking more mesmerizing. Tourists who visit this valley needs a forest permit form the authorities which is valid for 3 days. Also, visiting and trekking are allowed only during day time. So, one needs to plan accordingly. This place is best visited during monsoon season.

A trip to these monsoon destinations would be a chilling and electrifying experience. India in recent past has been attracting many International tourists mainly in the monsoon season for known reasons. In a mission to enhance its reputation worldwide, India has been as friendly as possible in providing visas, so apply for Indian visas for visiting these.

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