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Dine and Be Amazed: Unusual Restaurants in California


California one of the parts of the most diverse States in the US, It is also home to a number of man-made attractions like the SeaWorld in San Diego, kid’s play grounds like Disney Land, famous dramatic landscapes, breath taking coastal drives and a forest of some of the Tallest trees in the world in Redwood National Park.

California is not short of food spots. There are several food places where you and your friends can sit down and enjoy great delicacies of your choice. Even more interesting is the presence of some of the most unusual restaurants. Here are 6 of the restaurants you should pay a visit to.

Clifton’s Cafeteria

This restaurant is a Cafeteria style eatery’s name is derived from a combination of its founder’s Clifford Clinton’s names who established the place all the way back in 1931. The cafeteria has a rare pay what you can’ offer where people eat and pay only as much as they can afford you. This cafeteria does not turn away anyone; it has always helped feed struggling Los Angeles residents for years. You also get to say a prayer in the small chapel in the restaurant.


Dining in Opaque is a one of a kind experience. The restaurant gives you a rare opportunity to dine in total darkness. Apparently eating without seeing your food heightens your senses allowing you to experience flavours in a way that you can never do with both eyes open.

After placing your order in the lighted lobby, you are escorted to a pitch-dark dining room where you get to enjoy your meal in total blindness.

The Stinking Rose

What makes the Stinking rose unique is the fact that all the edible stuff they serve has garlic, they even serve garlic ice cream. Located in Beverly Hills, the restaurant’s decor is also unique just like its menu. It has romantic dining tents and garlic-themed decors. If you fancy garlic, then this is definitely the place to be. You might also want to bring a long breath mints or chewing gum.


Royal/T restaurant is a place to experience an out of this world menu, a unique fusion of French and Japanese delicacies. The restaurant also has an art gallery with different kinds of stuffed animals like giant squid.

At Royal/T, you also get to enjoy great service from women in French maid outfits letting you get a taste of the butler and maid experience which is usually a reserve for the wealthy.

Mixt Greens

This restaurant has an environmentally conscious menu serving only organic foods prepared in eco-friendly ways. Serving environmentally conscious foods does not make this place unusual. What makes it stand out is their edible wall made out of herbs and vegetables.

Dan Sung Sa

Dan Sung Sa restaurant is an all Korean affair complete with Korean delicacies and Korean style menus printed in Korean language block of wood. The restaurant walls are covered with graffiti and pictures of Korean Pop stars.

If you can’t read Korean, you may request for an English menu, however, most of the dishes still don’t make sense even in English. But if you are up for a little adventure, this is the place to be. Dan Sung Sa also allows its customers to smoke inside the restaurant.

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