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Different Types of Bags and their Usage


We all have used bags and backpacks in our lives. Whether we go for shopping like buying clothes, to purchase daily essentials or groceries, in a party, on a picnic, to office or school or college, or on a trip we all carry a backpack so that we can easily pack and carry all the important stuff and items in one place and take them with us. Sleeping bags are for hikers, campers and people who want a light weight option which is comfortable to sleep in. A sleeping bag is being folded in half or thirds rolled up and is bound with straps.

Backpacks have become an essential accessory of our lifestyle, but as always, buying and owning a bag is not an easy task. Not any backpack is meant to be used at any occasion. You can’t use a laptop bag on a picnic or a sling bag in an office setting.

Every item is priced as per their usage. For example, if you a Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under $100 will be useful for camping while a school backpack within $250 will be good for traveling, camping or have multi-purpose usage.

Varied Kinds of Backpacks with Diverse Usage

Every different backpack has its own usage and before you go further to buy a bag, It is important for you to know about different kinds of backpacks and their usage so that you can go out with the right backpack at every occasion. Some of the types of backpacks are:

  1. Traditional Backpack: the most common backpack which can be seen using by school students and college goers. Traditional backpacks are one of the most convenient and comfortable kind of backpack to carry everything that you want. A traditional backpack has two shoulder straps, a main cavity and maybe one or two extra compartments. The traditional backpacks come in various colours, styles and sizes and one can choose according to his needs and requirements.
  2. Tactical Military Backpack: the Tactical Military Backpack. Such backpacks are used by military personnel’s. These backpacks are rough and tough and are all weather durable. The tactical military backpacks are extra strong and are perfect for heavy duty performance. These backpacks are waterproof and strong enough to protect it from harsh weather and the material of the bag resists wearing and tearing of the product.
  3. Drawstring Backpack: this backpack is favoured by those in high school or junior high. The drawstring backpack has only a single compartment and is opened and closed with the help of a string. These bags are also used by the gym goers and are a good option for carrying a light weight items or for less number of items.
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