Common Mistakes New RV Owners Make

If you have made the exciting choice of purchasing a Winnebago then you are no doubt on the right course to a lifetime of exciting travel destinations with your family and friends. Whenever you wish, you can take off on road trips both near and afar, reveling in all the pleasures and excitement that comes with the open road. In the midst of your excitement, make sure that you don’t lose sight of some of the common mistakes that are made by first time RV owners both on the road and in the purchasing process.

Don’t Go Broke On An RV Purchase

Of course you are going to want to rent an RV with enough room and amenities to keep you and your traveling companions comfortable. The problem with this is that RVs are incredibly expensive. Some of the top brand RVs can run thousands of dollars to rent for a trip.

Fortunately there are many ways to find an RV you can afford. The markets are flooded with models at dealerships, with individual sellers, on RV message boards, and in classified ads no matter which region you may live in. As long as you do your research, you will be able to locate a vehicle that you are both happy with and can afford.

Take Care Of The RV

Just like with any vehicle, you will want to keep the vehicle clean and free from all damages while out on your adventure. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the long term maintenance of the RV, so any damages that are incurred will come back to haunt you in the end. For this reason, it is important to know how the rig works so that you won’t break anything during setup or while driving, and you should take extra care in driving and handling while out on the road.

Pack Your Gear Wisely

It doesn’t matter if you have the best winnebago in the world, still if you don’t pack right your first trip could turn into a disaster. This is one of the most common mistakes for first time RV owners. They get so excited by their purchase and in planning their first trip that they lose sight of the gear they need to bring or forget about certain supplies. Just owning a great RV alone does not guarantee a successful trip. There are many more aspects involved, and one of the most important of these is making sure you are all packed up with the gear and supplies you will need for your journey.

Search For Your Preferred Destination

Any traveler is sure to have a laundry list of destinations they wish to explore on their adventures. Just because you may be located in a certain area doesn’t mean you have to settle for a close destination. Don’t forget that you own a vehicle now, so you can travel far and wide on your own time. A mistake made by first time RV owners is that they still think as if they have rentals. So make sure to break out of this line of thought and roam where you please.

Hold Out For The Right Vehicle

It is also important not to settle for any RV, especially one that will not accommodate your travel companions. Don’t make the mistake of signing on the dotted line just because you’re anxious to make your purchase and head out on the road. When searching for your deal, it is best to hold out until you find just the right RV so that your trip will be smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Learn Your Vehicle

No matter which RV you end up purchasing, make sure to take some time to practice and research the vehicle so that you know how to use it once you get out on the road. This includes setup and takedown plus the handling of the vehicle on the roadways. This is also a major mistake that first time buyers make, getting so excited to hit the road that they fail to properly learn how to operate the vehicle and how to set it up for camping. As long as you take the time to learn the feel of the vehicle on the road and the steps to setup, then you will be one step ahead of most other first time buyers.

Although purchasing a winnebago is an exciting prospect, make sure to not get so caught up in all the excitement that you make some of the common mistakes that first time buyers are prone to. This will not only make your initial road trips much more enjoyable but will help in the long term maintenance and value of your RV. You want your RV to last you many years on the road, so take the time to care for it and plan your trips accordingly.

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Explaining the Different Types of Indian Visa

The government of India has made successive amendments in Indian visa regime to make it easy for citizens of foreign nationalities to obtain an Indian visa that will allow you to enter Indian territory. You can now easily apply for Indian visa online without much halt or delay with the help of instructions given on the official e-visa website. For the stay of more than sixty days, a regular visa is required to be obtained.

Before going through the detailed procedure of Indian visa application approval one should be clear about the types of visa available in India. There are some major visa categories that should be studied thoroughly before deciding which visa category best suits your cause. The categories can be named as 1-tourist visa, 2-entry (X) visa, 3-employment visa, 4-intern (I) visa, 5-business visa, 6-student visa, 7-conference visa, 8-journalist visa, 9-research visa, 10-medical visa, 11-film (F) visa, 12-transit visa, and other visas which include sports visa, diplomatic visa, mountaineering visa, and missionary visa.

Read on to know more about different types of Indian visas in detail-

1- Tourist Visa– The main purpose of a tourist visa is to allow people from different nationalities enter India to explore popular Indian tourist spots. Issuance of a tourist visa comes with the validity of not more than six months. A tourist e-visa is valid for only sixty days with a double entry in a year and can be applied through online Indian e-visa application portal.

2- Entry (X) Visa– This visa type covers those who don’t come under any other visa category such as volunteers. The entry visa holder can get an extension and are not required to leave after every six months.

3- Employment Visa– Employment visa enables a foreigner to work in an Indian registered company located in India. It is issued for a valid duration of one year or the term of the contract. It can also be extended to five years on the approval of the ministry of home affairs or FRRO.

4- Intern (I) Visa– Intern visa includes those who want to come to India for an internship. It mandates the gap between the completion of graduation or post-graduation and the internship should not exceed 1 year. The intern visa is valid for one year or duration of the internship, whichever is less.

5- Business Visa– Someone willing to explore business opportunities in India can apply for a business visa. Duration of stay starts from the day of issuance and will be valid for one year or more with multiple entries.

6- Student-Visa– Student visa is granted to kids who want to study in an Indian organization and is valid for the duration of the study with multiple entries. This visa is extendable and generally covers students who want to take long-term yoga classes, the Indian system of music and dance classes, Vedic culture classes, etc.

7- Conference Visa– Conference visa is issued to those who want to visit India for an international conference meeting and to attend a meeting, seminar or conference organized by the government of India owned Indian organization. It is valid for just ninety days with a single entry in a year.

8- Journalist Visa– It is one of the toughest Indian visas to get and is valid for just three months. Once you mentioned your occupation as a journalist or photographer and intend on visiting any area or meet a specific person or make a documentary in India, you will be made to apply for a journalist visa.

9- Medical Visa– People who want to come to India for an organ transplant, heart surgery, plastic surgery, joint replacement, neurosurgery, and gene therapy, from a recognized treatment center is issued a medical visa. It is valid for a year or the period of treatment, whichever is less and is allowed a triple entry in a year.

10- Research Visa– Professors or scholars who wish to visit India for research purpose are issued this visa. It is valid for the period of research and entry is permissible four weeks after issue.

11- Film (F) Visa– Since April 1’2017, anyone intending to make a commercial film or tv show in India, is entitled to film visa which will be valid for one year.

12- Transit Visa– This is a short term visa facilitating the travel to the ultimate destination. It is valid for 72 hours for direct transit.

These are some of the most issued Indian visas. You can easily apply for Indian visa as per your desired duration of stay.

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Some of The Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt 2019

Most of the buildings and structures were destroyed beyond repair during second world war and that has given motivation to Germans to build the city once again from ruins. Frankfurt is now one of main business centres of whole of Europe and also European Central bank is located in this city.

In the month of October, you can visit book fair, few amazing restaurants where you can dine, so many museums where you can visit and also meet energetic people of Germany.

Among the few of the free attractions in Frankfurt, we will briefly touch upon some of the important locations of Frankfurt which are worth visiting.

Städel Museum

Frankfurt is a city of museum where there are 60 museums of different sizes and collections and out of them 13 are near the river Main and is called Museumsufer which means museum embankment. Städel is also located over here where you can find great collection of art in a very magnificent building. This museum has got the oldest collection of material of European art of almost last 700 years. You can also find the contemporary art too which is located at the underground extension of the building.


This area is little further away from various high-rise buildings of Frankfurt, where you can find oriental styles of streets and timer-framed buildings that will remind you about the past of Frankfurt however they are all newly reconstructed. Because of first and second world war maximum destructions took place over here and therefore this 75,000 square foot area that lies between Cathedral square to medieval Römer was rebuilt with old style. There are few museums to visit too.


Here you will find a two-story market which is vibrant and colourful place where Saturdays are jam packed however you can still enjoy to share the space with the people. The original neo-Renaissance hall was destroyed by bombs during 1944, and the present hall that you can see now was built in 1954. Local people love to visit this market where you can buy fresh cheese, meat, dried fruits, chocolate, baked deserts and flowers etc. Not only you get varieties of raw food materials but also you can sit and eat too.

Old Jewish Cemeteries

The Jewish cemeteries of the Frankfurt is oldest gravestone of the time of the year 1272. You can still find the tombstones that are leaning in different angles which are few remains as Nazis had destroyed many graves during second world war. Now only 200 of the tombstones are in right condition however it is worth visiting. Here, you can get the glimpse of the time when Jews of Frankfurt were massacred by the Nazis and few of them also forced to commit suicide.

Old Opera House

The original opera house was completed during 1880 however the grand structure that you can see of the opera house is reconstructed in 1981, as the original building was destroyed in the war.

You can get to know about more places in Frankfurt by visiting the website

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6 Romantic Places to Visit in Texas

When you go to the heart of Texas, you realize it is time to hold hands instead of clutching your phones or busying with Instagram. The romantic climate in San Antonio and other counties and cities will fascinate any couple who are desperate for a restful and memorable weekend. World-class dining, sandy beaches, piney woods, exotic massage – everything is here in Texas. With USA ESTA, you can make your romantic weekend getaway come true.

The Inn at Dos Brisas, Washington County

Once a family-owned ranch, the Inn at Dos Brisas is a Spanish-style hacienda that is donned with oriental carpets amidst its cathedral ceilings, stone fireplaces, and sturdy French oak floors. Enjoy five-star accommodation and royal treatment in their orchards while choosing a menu of French and Asian cuisine.

While you are enjoying your Nantucket Bay scallops on your private patio, think of what else you could do in this inn. You and your partner can go horseback riding, fishing, biking, or even gardening. End the day with a couples massage in your Romance on the Ranch package.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

The richest of Texans are nowhere but in Dallas. Built in 1925, the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is a part of this rich history and has been a private residence that was converted to an elegant luxury hotel and restaurant in the early 80s. Suitors can seek refuge at the Chef’s Table at the Mansion Restaurant. With the atmosphere of intimacy provided by the view of the lawn and the highly-personalized menu, you can bask at the ornate estate of Rosewood Mansion.

The local history of this piece of Italian Renaissance would naturally fascinate couples who romanticize history. For the past 50 years, the mansion was home to the biggest gatherings of the high society in Dallas. The most important thing though is that you can dine alfresco while basking at the moonlit terrace. End the day with a bottle of champagne, the best aromatherapy session with rose petals before you retire to your pair of personalized pillowcases elegantly embroidered for both of you.

The San Luis Resort Spa and Conference Center, Galveston

Galveston has 32 miles of beaches that couples would consider as the source of rejuvenation in this romantic and luxurious paradise. As one of the best beach getaways in Texas, the San Luis Resort Spa boasts of its upgraded comforts in its rooms with a range of amenities that include rain showerheads, breakfast service, and a Prosecco mini-bottle. You can also explore Club 10 for VIP adults. In fact, with either a USA VISA or only an ESTA, you can get the best treat of your life at this resort spa.

If there’s another thing that The San Luis Resort Spa is proud of, then it is the high level of privacy and pampering that they can offer you if you opt for a private cabana rental. In here, you can enjoy the overstuffed chairs, the massive ceiling fan, and the mini-fridge with drinks. You may also want to order fresh fruit and champagne while enjoying your favorite show on your personal flat screen TV.

The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa, Houston

If you’re the sporty type of couple, then the Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa will give you the best and most romantic weekend treat of your life. The fitness-focused hotel has a relaxing garden pool and an aquatic program for competitive swimmers. If you’re into racquet sports, then you can get all the amenities that you want here. So, if you are a couple who would enjoy a triathlon, then get all your multi-sport training here.

The Houstonian Hotel’s Manor House is not only home to the healthiest food choices and the magnificent view. Historically, it was where George H. W. Bush and his wife stayed when Bush was still director of CIA. It was also in this historic place that the US hosted the G-7 summit. Thus, for couples fascinated with history, then nothing could be better.

Mokara Hotel and Spa, San Antonio

If you want to feel the romance in a calm oasis right in the middle of a bustling city, then the destination is Mokara Hotel and Spa. A four-star hotel, the Mokara boasts of the cream tones of its rooms and the marble-highlighted bathrooms, as well as the lofty ceilings that you will stare at when you’re swimming in their royal Jacuzzi tubs.

After which, discuss your plans with your partner over the riverfront with the finest and freshest seafood. The executive chef at Ostra will offer you blackened redfish with spinach or perhaps jumbo scallops swimming in delicious coconut peanut curry to satisfy that world-class palate of yours. Enjoy snow peas or rice noodles too as part of Mokara’s romantic Rejuvenation package.

Isla Grande Beach Resort, South Padre Island

South Padre Island is excellent at spring break. This romantic paradise at the southernmost part of Texas is an ideal romantic destination for two. The quiet, lush and friendly getaway is tempting to many couples who enjoy horseback rides, sunset walks by the beach, dolphin cruises, and any meditative session with nature itself. At Isla Grande Beach Resort, you always have the option to book for a tower room that gets the most scenic sunrise and the most romantic sunset views. You can also choose a beachfront cabana reservation if you want to be in the sand as you sleep.

Another good thing about Isla Grande is the Quarterdeck Lounge with live dance bands every evening, and where you can dance the night away with your partner. The Hammerhead Deck has the widest range of musical selections from country to rock that synchronizes with the lapping of the waves from a distance. Just with an ESTA VISA, you can enjoy all these amenities. End the night with champagne plus your strawberries covered with chocolate as part of your Romance Package.


Texas is where history meets nature in its vast array of the best romantic weekend packages for couples. With amenities that usually include spa and massage, aromatherapy, sports, fine dining, and music, there could never be a more perfect place than Texas. Never hesitate to book your next romantic weekend getaway through

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Spring Time Is Travel Time for Lisa Dudzik Perth – Enjoy the Best Holiday Destination Doha This Spring

Spring break has arrived and so is the time to travel to Doha, Qatar. Vacation brings happiness, breaks the boredom, and is time for festivity. It is the only time in the current busy world to catch up with family and old friends. As travel has become convenient, luxurious, and cheap, many people prefer traveling during vacations. Aside from sun and sand, there are ample alternatives obtainable nowadays.

Travelers like Lisa Dudzik Perth even have elements of creating lifetime memories.

Whether you are seeking for an adventure safari, relaxing getaways, catch up with your leisure pursuit, learning something new or party atmosphere, the travel deals or tour packages are already being designed and the tour companies are set to provide you best family vacation packages in Qatar. A budding number of tour companies and hotels are catering to families of Lisa Dudzik Perth.


It is the technological world and they can amuse you anywhere. Carry your device as the primary gadget. Few apps such as Layar, Google Maps, and flight agenda are significant for any type of holiday, particularly, an adventurous one. Carry games that you like playing. Pick the free games from your phone and enjoy the travel to Doha, Qatar. Do not forget to carry an iPod or fill in your device with the best music. Though your cell phone includes a camera, people would prefer a separate SLR one to capture the best memoirs that last eternally.

Book your travel

Internet is the powerhouse of information and greatest medium to book your travel deals. Online travel booking companies offer tour information and the destination they provide to cover in the package. It is easy to surf through concession provided by various agencies, straight away, without leaving your house. Business organization over internet has led to strong competition, which in turn profits consumers like Lisa Dudzik as they can select the best destinations within their financial plan.

Doha, Qatar is one of the Top Holiday Destinations:

Doha, Qatar is drawing traveler attention for the Doha-Tribeca film festival. Together with this, the city is hosting specialized soccer’s Asian club. Doha is for the individuals like Lisa Dudzik Perth who love coastline regions. It has less crowded gourmet restaurant and beautiful beaches. Umm Salal Ali is the most well known archaeological site of the nation. The mounds, which are now researched by archaeologists, are very old and most likely date back to the third millennium BC. The little town of Al Khor is an outdoor museum comprising of many mosques spread throughout the town, traditional buildings and old towers. One of the motives for stopping in Al Khor is an exceedingly pictorial view of the ocean.

The tourist attractions of the capital are well thought-out to be numerous. They consist of the Fort Doha, Old Town, the Government House, shopping malls, the City-Center-Doha complex, Corniche quay, the Palm Island entertainment center, the Aquarium, the Alladin Kingdom amusement park, the Zoo, and, certainly, the established eastern markets and many smaller markets predominantly on the outer edge of the city.

Food & Drink

Modern Fusion Restaurants: Choosing The Perfect Place For Your Gathering

A Modern Fusion Asian Cuisine is a prime example of a venue that lets you make your loved ones feel special on the most important moments in their lives. Organizing the following event needs your full attention, time and effort for making things work. You will find always lots of issues that you’ll require to consider, such as for example for example inviting people in or taking call from serving refreshments for the guests. Trying to find the right venues such as for example a great fusion restaurant entails careful planning and organization, and there are occasions once you also need to do some paperwork. Make sure you are able to plan things facing time.

Restaurants for special occasions

Parties can literally be held anywhere, and the venue can be your home, your backyard, an open space in town, or an area available on the market what your location is able to create a candled cake and surprise the celebrant. The number of choices are endless as it pertains to fusion restaurants. However, you also need to look at the tastes of one’s guests. While surprising your family member with a treat in a open space can be among the simplest and most fun of choices, but when you need to be inviting guests which can be your pals or co-workers, you’ve to provide yourself well.

For instance, a celebration for children will entail a fusion restaurant that may have areas to allow them to play and a group mightn’t be an option. On the other hand, when you’re working with adults as guests, then you can certainly always select hotels, restaurants, and clubs that serve the right dish. You could even opt to rent out areas in the beach for these instances. For a romantic supper party, select something that’ll indulge the senses of one’s partner.

Careful selection

Generally, it’d lie on that which you organize things and the strategy that you carefully policy for these parties to help you select the right fusion restaurant for the events. Furthermore, the date and the time of the party will even have to be taken under consideration coupled with party and celebration venues. You’ll find certain locations that will have to be contacted a couple of months with a weeks ahead of the big day to help you reserve their spaces. Sometimes, even if they’re reserved for a certain client, they’ll only be permitted to be properly used until a specific time frame.

Oftentimes, the restaurant will require charge to offer the look and the ambience for the events, and for your private dinners. Designing your venue is also another thing. The theme of the party will reveal a lot in relation to the decoration and they are often characterized with balloons, confetti, streamers, flowers, tables and more. Choosing along with motif will even enhance the excitement because the guests will have to follow those themes in their outfits, gifts, and even yet in the way they move and act through the entire party. Exciting times are ahead with selecting a the birthday party and celebration venues in your location. If you find the need for these venues, you may check out the award winning fusion menu at Sun Wah Restaurant and see for yourself.

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Are You Planning a Group Trip

Do you want to plan a group trip? If so, you may find it easier to hire a minibus. Doing so will make your trip more enjoyable and will help you keep track of everyone. In fact, hiring a mini bus offers you several amenities that you cannot experience by taking separate cars.

Some of the Amenities and Service Offerings

When you review quality mini bus hire services in Durham, look for the following:

  • Minibuses that seat 14, 16, 24, and 33 passengers
  • Buses or coaches that can be hired for one of various occasions including race days, hen and stag parties, special occasions, sporting events, weekend trips, and school sports trips
  • A company that has a great deal of experience in the transportation field
  • Discounted rates for groups
  • Excellent records with respect to maintenance
  • A helpful and cordial staff
  • Drivers that have been completely DBS-checked
  • Coach and minibus hire that is both local and nationwide
  • A personalised service approach
  • A dependable and safe reputation

Ensure Fun and Enjoyment for Your Planned Trip

As you can see, you can ensure the enjoyment of your planned trip when you choose a local provider that supplies excellent logistics services. Make sure that the bus is luxurious and meets your travel needs as well. Doing so will mean that you can host other group trips that will be as memorable as they are fun. Take time now to review local transportation companies online. If you want to make the most of a proposed outing, you need to see what you can hire in the form of coach or minibus travel.

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What to look for when you are planning in a business hotel? Find it out here

During travel, the hotel is the best option to stay for the meantime because you feel more like you are home, but for some hotels are the best place to set meetings, functions, and other activities related to business. The last thing on your mind would be choosing the wrong hotel and the entire travel experience will be disastrous.

To add more, the hotel that you have chosen can also affect the efficiency, the mood, and the overall experience of the people that hold a function there, especially the people who travelled far who are exhausted who are all in need of rest and comfort, worse, this could even affect a business deal if there is an important meeting that is held there.

To give you peace of mind and a good decision-making process, here is a list that you should put in your mind when you choose a good business hotel.

  • USE THE MAP- When it comes to map, this does not mean that you should use the conventional paper map, but instead, make use of your smartphone, computer or mobile devices because these gadgets are the most ideal way to choose a good business hotel just by looking in its map that has the exact location and links of the business hotels in a particular area that you will visit. This will save you time in sitting idle in a taxi looking for a hotel from the airport. Much importantly, you should choose a business hotel that is near the business district of the place that you will visit and has good access to transportation.
  • TRANSPORTATION-Just like what is mentioned above, staying in a hotel that is located within the city that is near bus stations, train stations, or where the taxi can easily get picked up, and most especially near the airport to get to your desired places ahead of time or on time.
  • BETTER DINING OPTIONS- Your planned business trip to another place is likely to have an agenda packed on your side and by the time that you arrive at the hotel of your choice, for sure you are too tired and hungry. Make sure that the hotel serves good food especially its buffet where it offers different dishes and choices so that you will not have to go out of your hotel and look for restaurants. This is also ideal because you can hold the meeting there and order food from the hotel.
  • FULLY CONNECTED- Nowadays, the majority of the people are fully relying on the technology because of the convenience it brought to everyone’s lives. Most likely, everything that we see is connected to the internet, and a good business hotel should have a high-speed internet connection which has a WiFi capability.
  • WELL-FURNISHED BEDROOMS/FUNCTION ROOMS- Since you are there for business meetings and important functions that involves business, you should ensure that the room you are staying in is neat and clean, and well-furnished while the function rooms should be spacious, equipped with furniture that are essential for business functions as well. A spacious and grand hotel meeting room in KL can be found easily, considering that this city has a lot of well-reviewed business hotels that can be searched on the internet.
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6 Most Common US Visa Types

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to any country in the world, you will have to have a Visa approved before making an entry. Be it immigrant or non-immigrant Visa, at the end of the day what matters is your eligibility. When it comes to entering into the United States, the pre-requisites don’t change either. Now, the most important aspect of obtaining a US visa is to have clear-cut knowledge about your eligibility. Apart from that, the US Govt. allows the travelers to have a stay in their territory for 90 days or less under Visa Waiver Program absence of any visa need. Here, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) plays a central role. It is the automated system that determines the eligibility of the visitors who are looking to travel the United States without having a visa obtained. This privilege of Esta Visa Information has not been extended to many. Hence, most of the visitors who are looking to land in this very place must obtain a visa.

There are numerous reasons why we travel to other countries. Be it cracking a business deal, study or touring some popular places, the reasons vary from person to person. If you are planning to visit the United States, take a look at the following visa types to find out which one comes under your category.

Tourist or Business Visa

Under this category, these two types of visas are offered under one visa, either tourist or business. Upon obtaining this, you can stay in the USA for a temporary period. For this, B-1 visa, which is appropriate for those people who travel for the purpose of attending any cultural or scientific conventions. And on the other hand, B-2 is granted for general purposes including tourism, visiting friends and others.

Work Visa

There are different types of Visas required in order to work in the US. And the work category is divided into H, L, O, P and Q. Most importantly you need to have to your petition approved by USCIS. To have a better idea, here are some work visas required for a temporary working period in the US.

*H1-B for specialty occupation; The workers who come under this category must hold a Bachelor’s degree. And USCIS will determine your eligibility for the specific occupation that you are applying for. The subsequent step follows with the employer agreeing to the norms and conditions prescribed by the Dept. of Labor regarding the employment of the workers.

*H-2A for seasonal agricultural workers: The main purpose of offering this type of visa is to fill the agricultural jobs in the US for short period. However, Indian are not qualified for this category.

*H2-B for skilled and unskilled workers; This is visa also granted to fill the workers’ shortage in the US for short period.

*H-3 for trainees: If you are coming to the US to receive training for your job requirements, you would have to have H-3 visa approved beforehand. But this visa can’t be used to seek a productive employment, rather you will be paid for the training you got.

*H-4 for dependents: If you are the holder H-type visa and you have and a spouse who is under 21 years old, they can get an H-4 visa approval, so that they can accompany you in your visit. However, they are entitled to work in the US.

*L-1 for intracompany transferees & L-2 for Dependents: The employees who require this visa must pose specific knowledge in his field. And adding to that the person must hold an executive and managerial post. And as far as L-2 visa goes, if your children and spouse who are under the age of 21 would be liable to hold L-2 Visa to accompany you in your trip.

*Type O Visa: The people who are liable to hold this visa poses extraordinary knowledge in the field of education, science, arts, business, athletics or special achievements in motion pictures and so.

*Type P Visa: Unlike Type O visa, these visas are offered to athletes, entertainer’s artist, and essential personnel support.

*Type Q visa: If you are going to participate in the international cultural events to provide motivational speech, training, sharing the history and cultural traditions, you must require this type of visa. For this, the sponsor must file the petition with the following step comes with USCIS approval.

Student Visa

Foreign students who are looking to study in the US must be accepted by the school or the university. Once this process is done, you will be given with 120 days to get your visa approval. Now, a student visa is categorized into two parts, F-1 and M-1 visa. The F-1 visa is required to study in the US approved schools and M-1 type of granted for non-academic and vocational training purposes.

Exchange Visitors Visa

Teachers, research scholars, students at academic levels come to the US to participate in the exchange programs. Before arrival, you need to have your visa approved by the authorized program sponsor. Eventually, the visitor is offered with a J-type of visa with the motive of giving an impetus to knowledge interchange.

Ship Screw or Transit Visa

Under this category, there are two types of visa granted.

*Transit C visa: This type of visa required if you are traveling to another country via the United States.

*Crew D visa: For those who are working on a sea vessel or aircraft must require this type of visa.

Media & Journalist Visa

The members of press media are becoming part of cross-country travel to engage in their profession for a temporary period. And for the US, Media 1 visa is offered to the journalists of foreign media to work here for a while.

As Esta Visa Information is a must for those who are traveling under the visa waiver program, the aforesaid different types of Visas are most sought-after to make an entry into the US region.

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Most Common Types of Canada Visa

Canada, as we all know, is a country full of opportunities for everyone from a skilled worker, student, to a business owner. To get the most out of these opportunities, the travelers must choose an appropriate visa program offered by the Canada immigration. As the criteria and purpose of each visa is different than others, you should have some knowledge about the visa types before you immigrate to Canada. Here is a list of the different visas from which you can choose one that best suits you:

  • Temporary Resident Visas/Visit Visas

Temporary Resident Visas are for the people who want to visit Canada for a short period of time. The validity of the visa depends on the purpose of the application. Approximately, a visit visa holder can stay in Canada for a six-month time period. For continuing the stay even after six months, he/she needs to apply for an extension before the expiry of the TRV (Temporary Resident Visas).

  • Student Visas

Students from around the world, who aren’t a permanent citizen of Canada can also seek Canadian education by after applying for a Canada Student Visa. The validity of the visa depends on the educational course duration. Some universities in Canada also allow such students to work in-campus while studying on a study permit. Here is a list of conditions necessary for a student visa:

  • A school, college, or university of Canada’s acceptance letter
  • Evidence for showing your ability to pay the tuition fees, living expenses, and transportation charges
  • A good health proof through medical examination
  • Letter of Purpose to show your commitment to leave Canada after completion of the educational course

  • Work Permits

A permit that allows you to stay for a medium-term and work in Canada, Work permit requires a job offer from a Canadian employer. The most common permit for work is the Post-Graduation Work Permit, allowing the students pursuing post graduation in Canada to do a job while studying for their post-graduation. For obtaining a Post-Graduation Work Permit, the time period of your course of study shall be more than eight months.

  • Permanent Resident Visa

Most commonly applied for long-term stays, the permanent resident visa has exclusive benefits and facilities for residents. As the candidates who apply for a PR visa can gain permanent residency status for himself/herself and his/her family too, it has larger benefits in comparison with the work permits and other types of visa. The three types of Canada Permanent Residence Visas include:

  1. Canada Express Entry Visas- The Canada PR visa programs which come under express entry visas include the federal skilled worker visa (for skilled professionals), federal skill trades visa (for skilled tradesperson), Canada experience class (for international graduates/ temporary workers), and provincial nominee program (for candidates with skills most needed by a province).

  1. Atlantic Immigration Program- A job offer is mandatory for the Atlantic Immigration Program, which the Canadian government started to fill the Atlantic Provinces vacancies faster. The process for this program takes comparatively less time and, there is less constraint over English language skills and work experience.

  1. Quebec Immigration Programs- The Quebec skilled worker visa program is a well-known visa program for which you can apply if you want to settle in Quebec. The application and selection system of the Quebec Immigration Program is through a first-cum-first basis. It has a lengthy processing time.

  • Start-Up Visa Program

Business owners with an intention to start their business and eventually settle in Canada should apply for the start-up visa program. The candidates applying for this visa should have a business plan supported by a designated investor agency and must have enough funds for establishing the business and settling in Canada. Along with these traits, they should also meet the basic language skills and educational requirements and, agree to hire a specific number of Canadians in their organization.

  • Caregiver Program

To deal with the increase in the aging population and the shortage of workforce to cater the caregiver services, Canada invites talented individuals from outer nations for caregiver jobs or nursing.

  • Family Class Immigration Program

Some widely applied Family Class Immigration Programs in Canada include spouse sponsorship, parent grandparent programs, and the super visa program. Through these programs, a Canadian citizen can sponsor his spouse, dependents and/or parents and grandparents for immigration to Canada.

Hence, before planning your visit to Canada, you should be clear about your intentions and choose a visa type for your Canada Electronic Travel Authorization accordingly.