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What to look for when you are planning in a business hotel? Find it out here


During travel, the hotel is the best option to stay for the meantime because you feel more like you are home, but for some hotels are the best place to set meetings, functions, and other activities related to business. The last thing on your mind would be choosing the wrong hotel and the entire travel experience will be disastrous.

To add more, the hotel that you have chosen can also affect the efficiency, the mood, and the overall experience of the people that hold a function there, especially the people who travelled far who are exhausted who are all in need of rest and comfort, worse, this could even affect a business deal if there is an important meeting that is held there.

To give you peace of mind and a good decision-making process, here is a list that you should put in your mind when you choose a good business hotel.

  •         USE THE MAP- When it comes to map, this does not mean that you should use the conventional paper map, but instead, make use of your smartphone, computer or mobile devices because these gadgets are the most ideal way to choose a good business hotel just by looking in its map that has the exact location and links of the business hotels in a particular area that you will visit. This will save you time in sitting idle in a taxi looking for a hotel from the airport. Much importantly, you should choose a business hotel that is near the business district of the place that you will visit and has good access to transportation.
  •         TRANSPORTATION-Just like what is mentioned above, staying in a hotel that is located within the city that is near bus stations, train stations, or where the taxi can easily get picked up, and most especially near the airport to get to your desired places ahead of time or on time.
  •         BETTER DINING OPTIONS- Your planned business trip to another place is likely to have an agenda packed on your side and by the time that you arrive at the hotel of your choice, for sure you are too tired and hungry. Make sure that the hotel serves good food especially its buffet where it offers different dishes and choices so that you will not have to go out of your hotel and look for restaurants. This is also ideal because you can hold the meeting there and order food from the hotel.
  •         FULLY CONNECTED- Nowadays, the majority of the people are fully relying on the technology because of the convenience it brought to everyone’s lives. Most likely, everything that we see is connected to the internet, and a good business hotel should have a high-speed internet connection which has a WiFi capability.
  •         WELL-FURNISHED BEDROOMS/FUNCTION ROOMS- Since you are there for business meetings and important functions that involves business, you should ensure that the room you are staying in is neat and clean, and well-furnished while the function rooms should be spacious, equipped with furniture that are essential for business functions as well. A spacious and grand hotel meeting room in KL can be found easily, considering that this city has a lot of well-reviewed business hotels that can be searched on the internet.
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