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Some of The Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt 2019


Most of the buildings and structures were destroyed beyond repair during second world war and that has given motivation to Germans to build the city once again from ruins. Frankfurt is now one of main business centres of whole of Europe and also European Central bank is located in this city.

In the month of October, you can visit book fair, few amazing restaurants where you can dine, so many museums where you can visit and also meet energetic people of Germany.

Among the few of the free attractions in Frankfurt, we will briefly touch upon some of the important locations of Frankfurt which are worth visiting.

Städel Museum

Frankfurt is a city of museum where there are 60 museums of different sizes and collections and out of them 13 are near the river Main and is called Museumsufer which means museum embankment. Städel is also located over here where you can find great collection of art in a very magnificent building. This museum has got the oldest collection of material of European art of almost last 700 years. You can also find the contemporary art too which is located at the underground extension of the building.


This area is little further away from various high-rise buildings of Frankfurt, where you can find oriental styles of streets and timer-framed buildings that will remind you about the past of Frankfurt however they are all newly reconstructed. Because of first and second world war maximum destructions took place over here and therefore this 75,000 square foot area that lies between Cathedral square to medieval Römer was rebuilt with old style. There are few museums to visit too.


Here you will find a two-story market which is vibrant and colourful place where Saturdays are jam packed however you can still enjoy to share the space with the people. The original neo-Renaissance hall was destroyed by bombs during 1944, and the present hall that you can see now was built in 1954. Local people love to visit this market where you can buy fresh cheese, meat, dried fruits, chocolate, baked deserts and flowers etc. Not only you get varieties of raw food materials but also you can sit and eat too.

Old Jewish Cemeteries

The Jewish cemeteries of the Frankfurt is oldest gravestone of the time of the year 1272. You can still find the tombstones that are leaning in different angles which are few remains as Nazis had destroyed many graves during second world war. Now only 200 of the tombstones are in right condition however it is worth visiting. Here, you can get the glimpse of the time when Jews of Frankfurt were massacred by the Nazis and few of them also forced to commit suicide.

Old Opera House

The original opera house was completed during 1880 however the grand structure that you can see of the opera house is reconstructed in 1981, as the original building was destroyed in the war.

You can get to know about more places in Frankfurt by visiting the website http://www.tripindicator.com/view/attractions/frankfurt.html

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