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Traveled to the island of Bali is very pleasant and the beauty of the island is also known this paradise island not only attract the eyes of domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. The development of tourism in the island of the gods to make more and more investments in the tourism industry, such as the craft industry, the hospitality industry and many more. This was done in an effort to further increase the number of tourists visiting Bali. For hotel to stay in Bali, you can see through best hotels in Bali.

Some of these places are places that you should not miss when visiting Bali.

Kuta beach

Kuta Beach is one of the favorite places for tourists. The location is easily accessible and low prices make this beach so enthused. Kuta Beach is famous for its captivating beauty of the sunset. Support facilities available there also is very complete, making Kuta Beach is now a prime tourist spot in Bali.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach became a haven for surfers because the waves are owned beach is very suitable for sports that one. The beach is located in the direction east of Denpasar. In addition to surfing, many other activities you can do. Not far from the beaches of Sanur, you can find a place to dive and snorkel. Not only that, the beach is also very popular with the rising of the sun, you know.


Ubud is approximately 40 km from Denpasar airport. You can reach this village in just a half hour. Ubud is known as an international village. How come? Any can be found in Ubud. Most of the roads in the area of ​​Ubud there are restaurants, hotels, galleries and shops selling local handicrafts. The lives of most people of Ubud daily can not be separated from the elements of art and culture. For you were accustomed to life in the city and feel like looking for a new atmosphere, we guarantee, you can enjoy a soothing ambiance mind to go here.

Lake Bedugul

Location Lake Beratan Bedugul located in a mountainous area surrounded by very beautiful natural conditions. This place is perfect enjoy with the family. Bedugul Lake has two temples in the middle. The depth of this lake reached 23 meters, you know. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this lake from a short distance, you can rent a traditional boat or a motorboat.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is adjacent to and is a center of water sports activities and games that exist in Bali. Lots of water sports available in Tanjung Benoa, such as banana boat, jetski, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more. Because of that, this place is one of the most favorite tourist locations.

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