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Go beyond travel with a trip to Germany


Life is going on the way, you are achieving the new goal every day, but did you feel that the daily work routine, tired you, and you should take a break to re-energize life? If yes Then it’s time to visit Germany, here are several unique places that will spice up your journey defiantly.

Germany with the evergreen forests, Rivers, great ranges of mountains and the North Sea Beaches make Germany trip just go beyond travel, surprisingly, here are different cities for visit session wise, in summer and winter vacation you can enjoy a different spot place in Germany.

Travel to Germany is not only about swigging beer and the Berlin Wall, although these both should in your hit list, but other several spots also not less attractive. The 10 known & unknown German destinations below…

  1. Berlin Wall : Museum and history
  2. Neuschwanstein Castle: Why to visit? 19th-century hilltop fairytale castle.
  3. Brandenburg Gate: Grand classical archway & city divide.
  4. Lake Constance: If you are history lover visit because of Watersports & Meersburg Castle.
  5. Cologne Cathedral: Grand Gothic cathedral with twin spires
  6. Europa-Park: Want some fun Expansive amusement park with rides.
  7. Heidelberg Castle: Familiar with some historical points with 16th-century ruined castle on a hillside.
  8. Alps: Again, great Mountains, skiing, chalets, hiking, and glaciers.
  9. Reichstag building: Historic, glass-domed home of parliament
  10. Hohenschwangau Castle: Hilltop castle with an opulent interior

Is traveling to Germany safe?

According to Foreign Office (FCO), approximately two million Britons visit Germany every year and most trips are safe and trouble free, so you have not to worry. The FCO claimed that the capital Berlin is the most attractive destination for Foreigner visitor.

The FCO, mention that here are no travel restrictions, but the travelers have to follow local authorities as well as rules, especially in the region of Ansbach. When you are in Ansbach, you have to, must aware because of “high threat from terrorism”.

The travel analysts “Euromonitor” shows that in 2015 about five million people from around the world come to the visit Germany they followed by Munich and Frankfurt.

The currency exchange is not an issue in Germany, the currency exchange desks available at almost all airports, mostly all train stations in big cities and towns. You can also visit a bank or bank ATM for getting Euro (€) in Germany. The language should not barrier because of ATM’s in Germany are multilingual, so your Visa or debit card acceptable at the ATM, without problem.

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