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Why Safaris Are Popular


If you have never been on an African safari before, then you probably have several questions about taking such a holiday. For example, you may wonder about the best time for travel. Because Africa is a year-round travel destination, you can find a time that is idyllic, if not ideal. Generally, however, the dry season is the best time to view game animals. This season takes place at varying times across the continent.

Book Your Safari Well in Advance

For example, if you travel to East Africa, the dry season falls between July and October, whilst it spans a longer time (April through October) in South Africa. As these are peak travel times, you will want to book your travel well in advance.

Safari itineraries also vary in length of time and the distance covered. Some safaris, such as those in East Africa or Botswana, feature more wildlife. Other safaris offer an equal view of the cities, wildlife, and terrains. Regardless of where you go, however, you will receive the needed travel inspiration to put you in touch with the location you are visiting.

Obtaining Visas

If you go on safari in Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, or Zambia, you will need a visa. Whilst visas are required for access into Tanzania or Kenya, they can be obtained upon your arrival in Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Mouth-Watering Food and Dishes

If you plan to go on a luxury safari, expect to eat food that is delicious and exquisite. Any included meals are an eating delight and are offered for a varying range of palates. If you travel to Nairobi, for instance, be prepared to enjoy various mouth-watering specialities as well as French entrees, fresh fish and game, and Indian curries.

South African specialty dishes include cuisine that is based on Indonesian favourites whilst Malay dishes are popular in South Africa around Cape Town. In the African bush, the quality of the food in both camps and lodges is excellent. Meats, fruits, and vegetables arrive each day fresh from the surrounding farming areas.

Visitor-Friendly Climates

When it comes to the weather, both South and East Africa offer visitor-friendly climates. In Kenya and Tanzania, for example, the temperature hovers around 21 degrees Celsius during the day and rarely differs throughout the year. The elevated altitude keeps the temperature comfortable. In fact, safari-goers often have to wear sweaters or jackets during the morning or evening time.

The temperature variance in Africa is determined more by the area than the season. For instance, the upcountry areas such as Aberdares and Mount Kenya are cooler whilst the drier bush is warmer. The sea-level locations of Zanzibar and Mombasa, on the other hand, are considered tropical.

Of all the areas in Africa, South Africa experiences the most notable changes seasonally. From April through November, the daytime temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius. This part of the year, which is considered winter, also features some rainy days. During the height of the South African summer, or from December through March, the temperatures are warmer. Some rain may fall as well, which makes the bush both lush and green.

Whether you travel in the winter or summer, however, the weather is generally amenable for safari travel or game watching.

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