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3 Reasons Why Turks and Caicos Makes For the Perfect Destination Wedding


If you are planning a destination wedding and haven’t already considered holding it in Turks and Caicos, here are just three reasons why you should.

  1. Forty Destinations in One

Whilst only eight of the forty separate islands and cays that make up the country of Turks and Caicos are in fact inhabited by people, it is none the less possible to visit and explore several more of them, including the popular Little Water Cay.Better known as Iguana Island on account of its now thriving but once near extinct population of native rock iguanas, Little Water Cay is only one of the gems of places to explore and adventure whilst in TCI.

Those who enjoy their honeymoon in TCI could spend every day of a week on a new and different island, discovering TCI’s unique history, wonders such as pirate caves, some of the world’s best beaches, the world’s third largest coral barrier reef system, engaging in water spots, shopping and eating fresh conch and rum cocktails…and still won’t have discovered all TCI has to enjoy.

Then, to learn more of what TCI has to offer, head over to the Visit TCI website where you can explore all TCI’s islands and cays and find out what makes each quite so special.

  1. A Celebrity Style Big Day

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Bryan Ferry and Amanda Shepherd and Bruce Willis and Emma Heming might have money and fame in common, but the rest of us can at least share in one likeness with these famous celebs; all three couples opted to say ‘I do’ in TCI, with the Brangelina brood once over spending their summer holidays there too.

Whilst many of the glitterati opt to enjoy their stay in TCI on the private island and resort of Parrot Cay, those with a less lavish budget needn’t trade in the glamour of a great venue in order to afford to honeymoon there. In fact for less in most cases than the average UK wedding plus a honeymoon abroad, those willing to jet out for their big day to TCI can find themselves staying in an imposing colonial styled mansion house poised on the cusp of the world’s best beach, as voted for via the Trip Advisor Traveller Choice Awards.

The Beach House TCI is one of TCI’s only boutique resorts, and one of its most exciting, inside and out. To discover why and as well see for yourself why saying ‘I do’ to the Beach House stands to save you stress as well as potentially money whilst providing a true dream destination wedding, visit the Beach House TCI website.

  1. A Permanent Paradise

Turks and Caicos and Great Britain have one notable thing in common; neither countryhas distinct seasons. At least it doesn’t feel that way. The stark difference between TCI and theUK is that the UK seems to be almost permanently miserable (weather-wise, at least) with over 50% of its days being overcast, windy, grey skied and drizzly if not downright wet.

In contrast, Turks and Caicos enjoys year round sun, with the temperature of its waters during the summer months akin to taking a warm bath rather than an ice cold one like here in Blighty. Hence, TCI is a country in which couples can wed at any time of the year, even December, and still pack their beachwear. This makes TCI a permanent paradise and provides those looking to wed in paradise with an unmissable opportunity to do exactly that.

To learn more about the annual climate in TCI head overto the Where When How Turks and Caicos website. Meanwhile, for more ideas about what to do whilst honeymooning in TCI, continue your adventure via the aforementioned Beach House TCI Resort website by giving their article: 78 Things to Do on the Turks and Caicos Islands a read through.

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