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Top 3 Destinations In The US For Coffee Lovers


Coffee carries a long history in many countries across the globe but nowhere else is it as popular as in the US. With more professions getting green card approvals to live and work in the US it important to jolt down a list of popular eateries and coffee houses that can be visited while in different cities. Here are some popular destinations for top rated coffee houses:

Philadelphia offers the Best Coffee house in the US

Philadelphia boasts for hosting several coffee houses ranked well within the top 10, such as Ultimo, the best in the US today. On visiting Ultimo you soon realize that coffee is not brewed here but more like cultured. The coffee house has dedicated decades towards developing the perfect coffee recipes and to deliver the coffee they serve in an appealing appearance. You get a wide array of accompaniments and pastries while sipping your coffee. There also several other coffee shops in Philadelphia which can be visited while in the city.

New York: home to two famous coffee houses

Also known as the Big Apple, New York is a city which has lots to offer and visiting this city is a must for many professionals who have managed to acquire their green card. Since you’re bound to visit this city sooner or later, it’s important to take a note of the two famous coffee houses which are ranked 2nd and 3rd best in the US. This city is a coffee lovers dream come true since you get to visit two popular coffee houses in the same city namely Gimme Coffee and Cafe Grumpy. Both coffee houses have their distinct traits and each offers its unique and wonderful coffee blends. To truly enjoy the coffee offered by these coffee houses you should visit them on separate days to give your taste buds some time to recuperate from the wonderful taste, so as to determine the one you preferred more.

Portland Oregon offers another double treat for coffee lovers

Oregon also offers two coffee shops ranked to be among the 10 ten coffee houses in the US. Barista and Courier Coffee are the best coffee shops in the city and visited by hundreds of people each day. Many Portland residents drive several blocks to get the coffee, so be prepared to wait in long queues before making your orders.

Coffee plays a major role in the US and you should make sure you experience this while in the country. These are just a few of many famous coffee houses dotted across the US. For people visiting other states and cities there’s no worry since you’re bound to find a fibulas coffee house in most cities. Coffee is a major commodity in the world market but more important is the role the coffee houses play, since they are responsible for the taste and appearance of the coffee being served.

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