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Staying Fit While on Holiday


Staying fit is not always very easy. Research has found that almost 90% of UK citizens say that they would like to be more active than they currently are. The UK is a fairly healthy place, though. Many UK citizens are very good about going to the gym and exercising. However, there is one time when almost all people allow their fitness to fall by the wayside: holiday.

When on holiday, many people abandon their fitness regimens. This is not particularly dangerous as a singular experience, since you are likely on holiday for only a few days to a few weeks. However, research has shown that those who get off track with their exercise are much less likely to get back on track. When you miss a few days or a few weeks of exercise while on holiday, you break your habit of exercising. That makes it much more difficult to get back into the swing of it when you return. The best way to remedy that is to not let yourself get out of shape on holiday.

Exercising on Holiday

Many people choose hotels that have gyms or fitness centres, because they think they’ll work out while on holiday. Very rarely does that actually happen. You don’t want to waste precious time in a new place doing exactly what you do while at home. Your better option is to choose a cycling holiday. A cycling holidays company can offer you the opportunity to see new places and experience new environments while staying fit. A cycling holiday is broken down into several different difficulty levels.

If you are not in the best shape, bringing your children, or experiencing some mobility issues, you might want to choose a lower difficulty cycling holiday. These holidays are no less fun than any of the more difficult ones; it simply has fewer hills and shorter cycling routes each day. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can find that as well. The companies that design cycling holidays try to accommodate everyone.

Cycling as Exercise

Cycling has long been considered one of the best forms of exercise. Cycling is great because it engages just about every muscle group. You need your legs to pedal, your core to keep you upright, and your arms to control the bicycle. It is also very effective because it is a low impact exercise. Exercises such as running put enormous amounts of strain on the knees, which isn’t a problem for healthy knees, but it can get bothersome over time. The low impact nature of cycling makes it perfect as exercise.

Cycling as Holiday

Cycling is a great activity for holidays as well, because you are able to experience your holiday without being sealed up inside a car. When you add layers between you and the outside world, you dull the experience. Cycling through a city or a countryside gives you the full experience. You’re also able to move faster than walking, so you get to experience everything up close, but you don’t have to take as long to get from place to place.


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