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Walking for Your Health? Why Not Tour Spain?


If you love to walk, then you should not deprive yourself of seeing Europe up-close. One of the ways you can enjoy trekking even more is to plan a holiday to a faraway destination. You can choose from guided and group walking holidays to such destinations as Austria, the Channel Islands, France, England, Germany, Greece, Scotland, or Spain.

Seeking Alpujarra on a Spanish Walking Holiday

One self-guided walking holiday that is quite popular is a Spanish walking tour of Alpujarra. On this walking excursion, guests explore the Alpujarra region on foot, which is an area of mountain villages located south of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The region is nestled in sheltered gorges and valleys, which run down towards the Mediterranean Sea. This type of tour last seven nights and is normally available from the first of April to the end of October annually.

The St. James Way in Spain – Another Fun Excursion

You might also consider a self-guided walking holiday to the St. James Way – a tour that can be booked for seven or 14 nights. This moderately challenging walk takes participants along the St. James Way, also known as the Camino de Santiago. The tour is typically offered from March to October.

A Sierra de Francia Walking Holiday

If you’re looking for ideal guided walking holidays in Spain, the walking holiday in Sierra de Francia is the one that fits the bill. The holiday begins in the world heritage city of Salamanca and continues to a stunning natural park in the mountainous area of Sierra de Francia, which is located close to the Portuguese border. The area, which is untouched by commercial tourism, features a traditional way of life for those who visit the region.

Other Destinations

You can also choose self-guided tours that cover such areas as the Segovia National Park, the Picos Mountains, the Pearl of the Balearics, Ordesa, the Island of Tenerife, and the Island of Menorca. In fact, if you choose to visit Spain, you won’t run out of holiday packages anytime too soon. You can visit and walk a variety of areas over a long span of time.

Making a Travel Decision

When choosing a holiday destination to Europe, you will need to assess your level of fitness and consider the varying terrains and landscapes. You also need to think about the time you wish to travel. Most of the trekking excursions are offered from spring to the end of October. So, keep this in mind when you are booking travel arrangements. The more challenging walking trips last about 14 days. However, most walkers choose to take trips that last a week, no more.

So, if you have your mind set to see Spain, you won’t be disappointed with the broad range of choices. There is always a beautiful destination where you can escape and see spectacular views and scenery. Before you go too, make sure you have a rudimentary knowledge of the Spanish language – one that will help you get around with respect to obtaining lodging, food, or the basic essentials in life.

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