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Private Tours in Romania – Your One of a Lifetime Vacation


Romania is quickly growing to a new destination perfect for all vacationers who dream to see and experience the old Europe. With the county being elected to be part of the EU I January 2007, it has gained more popularity than ever before.

This country proudly offers a lot of opportunities for touring, from cultural and historic sightseeing, to wine and food tours, active holidays, beach holidays, ski vacations up to the ultimate spa relaxation experience. If you want to take in the best that the place has to offer, private tours Romania are exactly what you need.

The heart of Romania is none other than Transylvania and touring this place will be pretty much like travelling back in time. From its Medieval Towns, to the amazing castles, the rich tradition and history and of course, the legend of Dracula, Transylvania is definitely a fascinating and unique part of Eastern Europe.

A Glimpse of Transylvania

Transylvania is flourishing in stunning castles and magnificent medieval towns which are among the best preserved in the entire Europe. You can take a tour of the historic Romania to see for yourself the great fortresses like Bran Castle, Hunendoara Castle, Peles Palace, Biertan Fortified Church and so much more.

During the tour, you can also get the chance to stay and relax in guesthouses and charming hotels nestled in the medieval towns like Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov and many other great cities which are all part of the UNESCO heritage of mankind.

In case your private tours in Transylvania will only be short, you can consider having a short break tour of Bran and Sinaia from Bucharest. When you have more time, you can always go to the castles and fortresses of Transylvania and the rest of its medieval towns.


Visit Dracula’s Place for Yourself

Every time Transylvania is mentioned, Dracula is no doubt the very first thing that will come to mind. As everyone knows, Dracula is the most popular prince of Romania. This is the perfect time for you to take a tour of the homeland of Dracula himself including the monuments and signs related to the real life Prince of Romania and Bram Stoker’s mythical character Count Dracula. In case you don’t make it right in time for The Real Dracula Halloween Tour, you can still go on private tours in Transylvania. During these tours, you can explore Bran Castle, Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara and the special Dracula Show in the Hotel Castel Dracula in the Piatra Fantanele.

Through the private tours in Romania, you can have your own personal guide who will take you on a journey in the most important towns and monuments in Transylvania. You can also get the chance to get a one of a kind perspective of the place looking through the eyes of a local. By going on these private tours not just in Transylvania but in other cities and towns of Romania, you can look forward to an experience you will treasure for a lifetime!

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