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Living the Life of Luxury in Koh Samui


When you gaze upon the island of Koh Samui today, it is hard to believe that up until the decades of the 70s the area had no paved roads. Also, it was not until 1989 that an airport was finally built on the island. Today, the isle is home to luxury villas, five-star hotels, plentiful shopping, and an upmarket dining scene. While the island’s gorgeous eastern and northern shores cater to tourists, the southern and western parts of the land feature a simpler lifestyle.

Introducing Koh Samui

Koh Samui is similar to Phuket, only more relaxed. Once a destination for backpackers, Koh Samui today is emerging as a tropical and sophisticated retreat. In this beautiful area, you can admire aquamarine seascapes and picturesque waterfalls at every turn. Koh Samui, which is now a haven of luxury, is also Thailand’s third largest isle.

Resort Amenities

It does not matter when you go to the tropical paradise, as Koh Samui features two high seasons. From May to November as well as from January to March, people who permanently or temporarily live in Koh Samui can experience sun-blessed shores for days on end. Not only that, but resorts also provide guests with such extras as picnic lunches, spa treatments, or champagne, all of which are usually “on the house.”

Luxury Retreats

Koh Samui also features luxury villas and apartments for rent. The residences are highly popular due to their relaxed atmosphere and privacy. Many of the villas and apartments feature amenities that you’d expect to see only in five-star hotels, including pools, direct access to the beach, and spectacular panoramic views. You can learn more about these properties by visiting www.horizonhomes-samui.com/ online.

The Koh Samui Airport

If you fly in by plane, you will find that Koh Samui’s airport, with its teak beams, is definitely a one-of-a-kind transportation facility. Operated by Bangkok Airways, the airport receives regional jets from Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Thai Airways also flies in regularly from Bangkok.

Going by Boat

If you have some time to spare, you might consider taking a Seatran Ferry from Thailand’s mainland to one of the three Koh Samui ports. The trip, however, can be quite long. It takes about three hours during the dry season to reach your destination by boat. Once you arrive on Koh Samui, it is simple to catch long tail boats or ferries to smaller, neighbouring isles.

Sightseeing by Car

Besides taking a boat between the various islands, you can also opt to travel by car or jeep on the island itself. The Tawee Ratpakdee Ring Road follows the perimeter of the island. So, you won’t find that it is too difficult to traverse the area. If you would rather travel by motorbike, make sure you wear a helmet, don’t wear flip-flop sandals, and travel slowly and carefully.

A Carefree Cousin

Close to Koh Samui is Bangkok – a city that features royal temples, gold-leafed pagodas, and mega-malls. The city is also criss-crossed with canals and Skytrain transportation routes. Chiang Mai, which sits in the northern section of the country, is home to lots of elephants and Burmese-style temples. Fog-shrouded hills and sleepy streets define Chiang Rai, which is also situated nearby. When you live in or visit Koh Samui, you can experience both luxury and tradition. You might call it the sophisticated and carefree cousin to the above-mentioned Thai locales.


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