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How to Get Your Tickets for the July Rugby World Cup Event

Locals caught the USA vs. Canada men's rugby game at the University of San Diego, which qualified USA for the Rugby World Cup, on Saturday, July 1, 2017. (Rick Nocon)

Sports packages make it easier for sports lovers to partake in sporting events. For example, travel packages are currently being featured for the Rugby 2018 tournament planned for San Francisco. These types of travel plans are designed to meet a variety of preferences and budgets. Some of the tours are short three-day excursions whilst other event packages include visits to such locales as Las Vegas and Hollywood.

If you are a true rugby fan, you will want to take a look at the various packages so that you can plan a memorable sporting holiday. Also, make sure to choose a travel provider that is well-versed in the sport of rugby – a company that will enable you to get up-close to some exciting activities.

The Times for the Event

As noted, the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens Competition will take place in San Francisco. Promoters have it scheduled from 20 July to 22 July. The site for the sporting extravaganza will take place in Avaya Stadium, close to San Jose, California.

Choose a Bespoke Package

The Rugby World Cup Sevens Tour packages that are being offered will include tournament tickets and first-class accommodation. Whilst the dates for the event are of course decided and fixed, you can still customise your package with respect to the amenities.

Talk to a Travel Consultant

In order to obtain one of the packages, you need to contact a travel consultant to find out more about each of the package’s highlights. This will help you better tailor your package to your trip specifications and budget.

For example, one of the popularly featured packages includes a six-night tour. This package features an economy flight from Heathrow Airport in London to San Francisco, and also includes airport transfers. Purchasers of this package also receive 6 nights’ accommodation at one of two featured hotels. The package showcases a three-day match ticket, VIP pass, and related rugby merchandise.

Departing for the Rugby Event

The itinerary for the 6-night stay will begin on 17 July. At that time, visitors will leave Heathrow Airport for San Francisco International Airport. When you arrive in San Francisco, you and your guests will be transferred to your chosen accommodation.

Walk or Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

The next two days will enable you and your guests to take in the sites of San Francisco, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge. To get a better idea of the bridge’s scope, tour advisors suggest that visitors walk or bike across the 2.74 kilometre bridge.

As another option, you might think about taking a cruise from San Francisco to the infamous former federal prison on Alcatraz Island. Visitors can view the cell blocks whilst listening to an audio guide. The guide includes stories about the prison, related by former inmates and guards.

After your tour of San Francisco, you will be ready to embark on your journey to Avaya Stadium on Friday 20 July – day one of the rugby tournament. After day three of the match, you will check out of your accommodation on Monday 23 July.

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