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Do’s and Don’ts at Jim Corbett National Park


An initiative in the direction of preservation of tigers, the oldest wildlife park of India was established in 1936 by Jim Corbett, a naturalist and conservationist. Located in the naturally blessed region of Nainital in Uttarkhand, the Jim Corbett National Park is a heaven for wildlife and exotic flora and fauna.

Being home to more than 480 species of plants and 580 species of birds besides wild animals, the Park attracts thousands of tourists all year round. Nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers find the Park an irresistible destination.

However, there are a few rules that must be followed while on a visit to Jim Corbett National park of ecological importance. Here’s what is to be kept in mind:

  1. Entering the Park requires several permits. Tourists must ensure that all such permits have been obtained before stepping into this National Park.
  2. It is advisable to explore the vast expanse of Jim Corbett National Park with the help of a nature guide, who not only knows the routes within the Park but will also help you track elusive wildlife.
  3. Carrying waste bags or provision for waste is a must. This will help in avoiding the practice of littering – one that can cause pollution and harm to lives within the National Park.
  4. Carry cameras and binoculars to capture rare moments. However, one must take care to not disturb the daily routine or lifestyle of the inhabitants of the park.
  5. In terms of clothing, tourists are advised to wear light colours that will blend in well with the environment. Khakis, rusty browns, olive greens and such shades will ensure that you are not standing out in a natural ambience.
  6. As part of safari protocol, tourists must maintain as much silence as possible. Loud music on the stereo or talking in loud voices can disturb wildlife.
  7. Wildlife is an asset. Anyone visiting the Park must respect nature and avoid going too close to watch animals. Never attempt to feed the animals. More often than often, the result is disastrous.
  8. Driving within the Park entails certain rules. Driving fast is forbidden as is driving off designated routes and trails. Using blow horns while driving is strictly prohibited.
  9. Tourists are warned against carrying guns or firearms of any nature. Only the park’s Security are allowed to carry a handgun or complete Ar-15 rifle as the case may be, and to use it adequately. Smoking is a strict no-no, as is the practice of lighting camp fires within the boundaries of the park.

Exploring Wildlife and nature can be a thrilling experience. However, the same entails great responsibility. Only then will the experience be satisfying and rewarding.

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