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Best Places For Indian Food In Dubai


When you travel to an unknown land, you think of the three basic necessities of life–food, shelter and clothing. Out of these basic necessities, food is something that you will be most concerned of. When you travel to places like the Middle East or the African countries, homemade food will be scarce and you have to survive on hotel food most of the time. In cities like Dubai, you will find many hotels and restaurants, but you will find very few eateries where you will get home-like food.

You will have to do an extensive research to get to the best event catering dubai. If you are an Indian you will be aghast at the sheer number of Indian restaurants and eateries that have sprung in the recent past. You will get all kinds of Indian food- vegetarian and non-veg. Amongst the vegetarian items, you will predominantly find south indian food in dubai and North Indian vegetarian delicacies. When you find a good Indian restaurant, you can hop into it and view the menu. On ordering the food item, you will find a peculiar ambiance that you will find in Indian restaurants only. Apart from the Indian food, you will find that even the waiters are dressed in Indian attire. Eating Indian food from an Indian restaurant in Dubai brings back memories of homemade Indian food because of the manner in which the food is prepared.

To get the Indian flavour, restaurants in Dubai import spices, condiments, cereals, pulses and other food items from India. This is quite surprising but it is true that Indian food can be called Indian only when it has Indian food items. In the good old days, people traveling to Dubai and the other Middle-East cities carried their food along with them. Such foods were pickles, papads, and other food items that could be preserved for a long time. Today, almost no one carries food items because most of the Indian food items are available in the Middle east. When you step into a super market, you will find Indian branded food items that have good taste and aroma. The catering business Dubai has also picked up momentum these days. You can order your favourite Indian food in bulk quantities when opt for a catering service. There are some very good catering services in Dubai that would customize the food items for you.

By and large, North Indians prefer spicy food as compared to the South Indians. If you are a south Indian, you will have to be very careful when you are ordering food from non-Indian restaurants. South Indian food in Dubai can be surprisingly spicy and pungent. If you have some time, you can visit the catering service kitchen and have a glimpse of the food items that they are making. You can also ask for a sample food item so that you get a good taste of the food. Indian sweets in Dubai have also become very popular these days. Although the quality of milk and the sweetners determine the taste of the sweet items, most Indian sweet shops use indigenous techniques to get the Indian taste.

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