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10 Cool Facts About Denver


Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado and it is also the most populous in the state. Colorado is one of the fastest growing state in the United States and most of those moving to Colorado, choose to live in Denver.

The Bellhops city guide is an excellent resource for those who want to know more about Denver. Whether you are visiting or living in Denver, you would be entertained by these cool facts about this city:

  • Denver sits at an elevation of one mile above sea level. To be more precise, the 13th step of the State Capitol in Denver sits at exactly one mile above sea level. This is the reason why Denver is also called the ‘Mile-High City’.
  • You can only find Beulah Red Marble in three places in Denver. Have you been inside the Colorado State Capitol? If you have, then you were also awed by the red marble used inside. This red marble is called the Beulah Red Marble. It was discovered in 1893 in the Beulah Red Marble Quarry and almost all the red marble was used up when it was used for the wainscoting on the inside of the State Capitol. The few that were left were used by the McClelland Library and the Pueblo Country Courthouse.
  • Denver has the largest city park system in the country. With more than 4000 acres of traditional parks and parkways and 14000 acres of mountain parks, Denver has the largest city park system in the country. Among the most popular parks in Denver are Washington Park, Confluence Park, the Denver Botanic Gardens, Mount Evans, and the Denver Mountain Parks.
  • Colorado declined to be an Olympics host. With the Rocky Mountains in the background, Colorado would have been a stunning venue for the Olympics in 1976. However, 62% of Colorado residents voted not to host the Olympics, making Denver the only city to turn down being an Olympics host.
  • The largest rodeo in the world is held annually in Denver. The National Western Stock Show is the largest rodeo and stock show in the world since it was first held in 1906, and it is held every year in Denver. This rodeo and stock show has its own share of crazy facts such as having a baby judging contest in the early years.
  • Marijuana is legal in Denver. In fact, cannabis is legal in the whole state of Colorado. Denver became the first city in the US to legalize the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for those aged 21 and above. This paved the way to a huge industry in Colorado – marijuana tourism. Among the things that you won’t find easily in other places are marijuana tours and guided walks. Currently, there are more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks stores in
  • Denver claims the trademark for the cheeseburger. Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Drive-in in Denver actually applied for the trademark of the name ‘cheeseburger’ in 1935.
  • Denver is one of the best places for beer in the US. There are more than 100,000 homebrewers in Colorado and Denver brews more beers daily than any city in the country. In metro Denver alone, there are 48 breweries and the largest brewing facility in America can be found just outside of Denver. Also, the Great American Beer Festival is held every year in Denver. It attracts more than 60,000 attendees and 750 breweries presenting 3,500 beers.
  • It is illegal to let your neighbor borrow your vacuum in Denver. Let your neighbor borrow your vacuum cleaner at your own risk in Denver!
  • The 16th Street Mall was designed by the Louvre Pyramid architect. M. Pei, the architect who created the glass pyramid in Louvre, is also the one designed the 16th Street Mall, a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver.
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