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Wifi in Italy


Holidaying in Italy has never been this interesting, you have a chance to visit different parts of the country and still be able to use the internet. The beauty of it is that you do not have to pay for the expensive roaming charges that your subscriber bills you every time you travel to foreign countries. You will have an opportunity to rent wifi in Italy. ExpressoWifi, a company located in Italy offers foreign tourist an opportunity to hire a mobile wifi in Italy. This arrangement not only makes it convenient for you to access the internet while you are away; everywhere and whenever you want.

Features of the device

The wifi in Italy device comes with the following features:

Unlimited internet

This means that you are not limited to the usage; you can download large files, watch videos, and upload photos and videos for the people at home to have a feel of what you are experiencing in Italy. You do not have to worry about being disconnected, you can make video and voice calls, communicate with people in different parts of the world without fear of the call being disconnected. This means you are able to connect with your family and friends uninterrupted. These are the things that make people feel at home even when they are away. The unlimited packages mean that you can stream live videos, for example, be live on Facebook, inform people back at home of the experience in Italy, and with all this, you are not worried whether the files are large or small. All you have to do is observe responsible or fair usage, where you use the internet only for appropriate tasks. The fact that it is on a 4G network means it will be compatible with many devices and the speed will also be excellent. This means that there will be no disconnection or interruption of the session to allow the devices to load content or buffer.

There are no roaming costs

Roaming cost can be expensive; they may limit the usage of the internet making the foreign trip dull. With no roaming cost, the package has been designed this way to ensure that people who are on holiday enjoy themselves through accessing the internet, sending videos and photos to their friends, make video and voice calls without worrying about the cost or disconnection once they have reached the limit. Expressowifi, with its wifi in Italy, means the best for their customers, making holidaying in Italy enjoyable and memorable, there is no better way to ensure this than providing a package where there are no roaming costs.

Without roaming costs, a customer will enjoy using the device anywhere within Italy, even in places where the signal may be weak there are not worried that the device which they are using will pick the strongest signal and then charges are added on their bills. Also, the cost of your holiday will not increase just because you have been offered convenient wifi in Italy, instead it will be cheaper as your internet charges and related costs are taken care of by the device. You will be in a position to use the internet to communicate with your family and friends back home instead of making calls which in most cases turns out to be expensive.

Up to 10 simultaneous connected devices on the hotspot

When you are holidaying in Italy with your family or in the company of a group of your friends, fun can be cut when you have to wait to use the internet in turns or when the cost rises. Imagine what the cost of the internet would amount to if all your family members were using own package to access the net. It would be astronomical, making holidaying in Italy expensive. Wifi in Italy solves all this, with the hired device; you can connect up to 10 devices, all at the same time. What this means that every member of the family or group will be able to access the internet in his or her own device without having to wait in turn. This is not only convenient but cheaper, the hotspot enables the group members to make calls, send large files and even stream live videos, there is nothing that beats wifi in Italy by Expressowifi.

Small size device

One may be thinking that to enjoy all these benefits from the ExpressoWifi, the device must be large in size. You will be surprised to find that the device is small, you can carry it around everywhere you go. It is not only convenient to carry but also can fit in your pocket without attracting any attention.

ExpressoWifi is offering you a chance to access wifi in Italy, easily and conveniently, take advantage of the package and make your holidaying in Italy enjoyable and memorable.

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