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Traveling to Aberdeen: A Destination of Fun and Excitement


Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and it is Europe’s oil capital. That said; far too many travellers forget think about this fantastic location when making holiday plans. What these travellers miss out on are a wide range of phenomenal activities and attractions, and Aberdeen is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and ocean views in the world. Once you find the time to travel to this unique locale, whether alone or with companions, you may find yourself hard-pressed to discover all of the fun to be had before your holiday time is up.


There are few locations in the world in which you can sit on the shore and watch dolphins come impossibly close. In other locations, you can only spot these majestic and intelligent creatures by paying an unreasonable price for a dolphin spotting boat trip. The local pod of large bottlenose dolphins found in Aberdeen are often spotted at Aberdeen Beach, Torry Battery, and even in the harbour itself. If you want to learn more about these beautiful creatures, you can visit any day from Thursday to Sunday from 11am-6pm. Upon arrival, you will find the RSPB’s Dolphin Watch and a large group of people happy to teach you and your children everything there is to know about these clever animals.


If you find yourself feeling unsure about how to make your way to Aberdeen, there is a plethora of different stylish travel methods that you can take advantage of. The best and fastest way is to look at flights to Aberdeen with BMI. These flights are luxurious, cost-effective, and comfortable, regardless of the class of ticket you purchase. Once you arrive at the airport and make your way into the city, it is more cost-effective to rent a car than to travel via public transportation. Although public transportation is comfortable and excellent, a rented car will help you enjoy greater privacy and you’ll be able to go where you want to go without any limitations.

Old Aberdeen

Once you arrive and have your transportation taken care of, it is a good idea to consider touring Old Aberdeen. This beautiful area of the city dates back several centuries, and the local architecture is spectacular enough to shock even the locals. Walking down the same cobbled streets people walked upon centuries ago may awake a sense of adventure and excitement in your children. Rather than sitting at home behind the screens of your smart devices, your family will get to experience sights that they would otherwise miss out on. It is a good idea to get a guide to help you work through this area, as the local experts have a great deal of knowledge that will help you better understand the area.

The Locals

Scotland is known for its friendly and inviting locals, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone unwilling to help you find your way. During your time there, be sure to frequent the areas that house the largest number of people, as they are more likely to have the best pubs and restaurants from which to choose. If you travel with children, there are dozens of exciting attractions located throughout the city to keep them occupied and ready for more adventure. Make your holiday all the more entertaining and worth the price by visiting Aberdeen.

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