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Tips To Save Money When Flying


Flying tends to be an expensive affair when compared to other means of travel. Sometimes you may want to splurge at a nice hotel when you go on a holiday, but you may find that it is slightly out of your budget. There are several places where you lose small amounts of money, and all of this adds up. So, let us go through some tips that can prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Do Your Research

It is important not to be caught off guard. It is essential that you do your research thoroughly and not rely on tour guides or websites. It is a good practice to ask questions and review all the bills very carefully. Many times you will be charged for extras that you never wanted at a hotel or a car rental store. Once you have already made the payment, it is usually hard to take it back, so be cautious.

Fees for Booking

Booking online for flights and general travel has become very popular these days. Many travel websites charge a small fee for this feature. This is done even if you try to book for your travel over a phone call. These small charges slowly add up for every single person, and the total amount lost to just this booking fee is quite significant. That money, even for one person, could have been used for some snacks as you travel. Make sure you always compare prices. Very often you will find cheaper deals.

Baggage fees

All airlines charge additionally for baggage that crosses the prescribed limit. This is entirely understandable given the fact that more weight means more fuel costs for the airline. Several airlines, however, also charge additionally for checked luggage on top of the ticket costs. This can often become significantly high if care is not taken.

You can avoid such baggage fees by a little bit of pre-planning and choosing the right airline or class.

Checked baggage: You can avoid the checked baggage fee altogether by traveling with just a carry-on. With the right suitcase and other tools, you can quickly pack all of the necessities in. There will no need to put any extra thought into it.  Rest assured, your carry on will still be small enough to fit into the overhead bin while containing all that you need. If you fly quite often with a particular airline that charges for checked baggage, you could also consider going for a card with them, which will offer you free checked in luggage and lower costs in the long run. As a last resort, if you are going to be saddled with several bags, you could even go for an external service, which will allow door-to-door shipping of all the items you may carry. Compare the costs of these two options and go ahead. Most likely, the external service will prove cheaper.

Overweight baggage fees: The best way to avoid paying more is to weight the bag yourself, at home. You can leave items such as toiletries and extra pairs of shoes at home since they take up unnecessary space and weight.

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