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The corporate rental bus service


One of the important things about the companies is the welfare of its own employees. They need to take care of them. One such thing is a better transport system. Many large corporate companies have such ferry services which drop off or pick up employees.

If you are searching for search service to outsource such transport work, and if the company is in and around Chicago then you are in luck. Chicago Motor Coach, Inc. does that kind of work.


For the past 32 years or so, Chicago Motors Coach have been into the service of picking and dropping off people to their destination. They provide a very reasonable price and a lot of luxurious fleet of thebus to choose from. Depending on the number of passengers you need to drop off or pick up.


They have pretty reasonable rate if you are going to avail their services. They have a rate of $300 to $400 depending on what type of bus or coach you have selected.

Before we see what, they have in their fleet; let’s point out some few notable things about it. As normal per day rate, you need to make a 20% payment as advance and rest 5 days prior to the trip. These are the normal conditions but since it will be a regular service you can quote and make an arrangement to pay amonthly or quarterly. This needs to be brought up with them to consult and decide. Also during the pickup or drop off, a grace time of 15 minutes is provided, after which the extra time is added to the overall time and is charged. So, it’s better to make sure that your employees are ready for the pickup or drop off to prevent any further unnecessary extra charges. Now that we know what needs to be done let jump to as what vehicle you can choose from.


Their fleet comprising of 4 luxurious motor coaches. Depending on the number of passengers you wish to pick up or drop off.

  • Passenger Motor Coach: This bus houses 56 passenger. They have luxurious interior and on-board rest room. Though it might not be ideal for people pick up and drop off, if you have a large number of employees, these might suit you.
  • Executive Motor Coach: Houses 40 passenger seat. This is a luxurioustop-notch motor coach. They have a full leather interior, with full on entertainment with flat screen TV, DVD and CD music system and PA system for the passenger.
  • Mini Executive coach bus: These are the ideal coach for the pickup and drop off of passenger for the short distance. They have two variants, one has 32 seats and other has 28 seats. Both of them has top quality interior and with number one priority with the safety.

What are you waiting for? Go now to Chicago Motor Coach and make a quote at their site or contact them to know and be ready to provide an exceptional ride.

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