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The 4 Most Irresistible Beaches in the Pacific Northwest


Beautiful beaches are hard to resist. From Washington to Oregon, the beaches of the Pacific Northwest are plentiful and have something to offer for everyone. We’ve put together a list of the four most irresistible beaches in the region for you to enjoy.

1.Westport Lake State Park

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This beach, located in Westport, Washington, is home to tall dunes and great waves and offers something for everybody. The beach is a part of the 625-acre park that gives you plenty of space to explore. This beach offers tons of great views and experiences no matter what time of year it is, and you can take advantage of all the biking, hiking, and walking paths this park has to offer. Because of the great area it’s located in, the Westport Lake State Park is also in close proximity to many other attractions in the area.

  1. Alki Beach

Alki beach is a local and tourist favorite that has been said to offer some of the best views of the Seattle skyline. Listed as one of the top things to do in Seattle, this beach offers a little bit of everything. It has a walkway that is nearly 3 miles long, and in the summer you can see the beach populated with many looking to enjoy the nice weather and the great waves.

Alki beach also offers visitors the option to take advantage of biking and running paths, making it ideal for active travelers. If you’re planning a longer trip and want to explore outside the city, consider staying nearby in one of Redmond, Washington’s many beautiful hotels.

  1. Cannon Beach

This spectacular beach, located in Clatsop County, Oregon, is known for Haystack Rock, which rises an astonishing 235 feet above the sand. While beaches are great any time of year, birdwatchers may prefer to visit Cannon Beach in the summer so they can spot the seabirds living on the sea stack.

If you’re watching closely, you can get a peek at the Gray Whales that are know to make their appearance. This beach also offers excellent waves for surfing and plenty of activities for those who want to stay active.

  1. Bullards Beach State Park

Bullards Beach State Park in Oregon provides serene views and a fun, relaxing place to visit with the whole family. This park is home to three campsites, giving visitors plenty of room for all kinds of hiking, biking, and walking. Known for being animal friendly, this park not only allows dogs but also has room for equestrian campers. While you’re there, you can visit the historic Coquille River Lighthouse, which is open from mid-May through September.

You can’t go wrong when planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest. From beautiful beaches to lively nature trails and parks, there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of all the beautiful views and activities the Pacific Northwest beaches have to offer.

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