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Some enticing travel tips to Hong Kong


Hong Kong was previously a British colony and now a budget-friendly destination. This city offers great cuisines, ecstatic sightseeing, and pulsating shopping experiences. Millions of people plan their holiday to this city for experiencing its enigma. As it is a popular tourist spot, it has many inbound flights. Some of the airlines that are international include KLM, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Air New Zealand, and Virgin Atlantic. You can get cheap flights to this city during the months March to May.

These months offer great discounts on airfare by the airlines and the travel agencies. You have to fulfill the Visa requirements as it has its own immigration controls. Britons who are planning holidays here can stay till six months without any visa. Passport should be valid for the entire duration. A British citizen gets the approval of six months on entry if the validity of his passport is six months or more than this. Again, if the validity of the passport is less than the period of six months, then the immigrants are granted one-month additional stay than the scheduled period.

Many places to visit

Hong Kong point of interest includes many places such as Victoria Peak, Colonial Museums, zoological park, local markets, Disneyland, and many temples. Many writers are fascinated by this city and movies are made here. It is a mystical place by design and nature. For the tourists, Hong Kong is a great place and it is very cheap according to world standards. Anyone visiting this place will appreciate its modern luxuries, the comfort, and the Chinese character. This city is a major distributor of Chinese art, furniture, cultural items, and shopping is definitely addictive.

China’s southern showpiece

Hong Kong was once a fishing island that later on turned into a great city of Asia. It became a great trading port. This city has a combination of Chinese and modern Western values and a highly strong South Chinese culture all through. It is a perfect match for the Chinese culture. It is a trade as well as a financial center. The city is very beautiful with noticeable Shanghai effect. The skyscrapers of the city are big, impressive, and modern and they match the coast of China containing interesting islands, mountains, and plenty of green space. Apart from this, you can find several Hong Kong point of interest that attracts the tourists the most.

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