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Professional marine mechanic Perth

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Whether you have a yacht, a power boat or an industrial vessel, you will need to have at hand the number of a mobile marine mechanic in Perth and you would be hard-pressed to find one with as much industry know-how and decades of experience as D-Tech Contracting.

The leading company for cat marine mechanics throughout Australia, D-tech Contracting specialise in the general vessel maintenance and repair of major diesel engine brands like Caterpillar, MTU, Cummins and Mitsubishi across commercial and all sized vessels.

While Caterpillar marine engines are well known and respected for their strength and reliability, this does not mean the care and attention should be neglected. The engine is the main source of power and the biggest machinery on the vessel. Couple that with the pressures of projects and commercial vessel operations which often run to extremely tight deadlines as well as service and maintenance windows at just 24 hours. Now you can begin to see why it is so important for an engine of this size and capability to receive regular preventative maintenance to avoid or minimise the risk of downtime due to possible component and engine failure and more importantly, ensure safety.

Yes, Caterpillar engines are the best in the industry. They are built to last and run smoothly and effortlessly but with all the best will in the world, breakdowns and engine issues will arise.

Breakdowns often occur because something has interrupted the engine’s process and this can result in the engine, overheating or losing power, spluttering or dying altogether and when that happens, you need to ensure you have the number of a reliable and experienced mobile mechanic in Perth.

D-Tech Contracting are a licensed Caterpillar mobile marine mechanic, operating from a fully equipped service centre in Wangara, Perth. Their team of expert service technicians are on hand to offer guidance and advise on pre-purchase selection and inspection of your Cat marine engine and prepare a scheduled servicing, maintenance and repair program. The aim here is to ensure you continue to maximise use and longevity of your diesel engine while at the same time, minimising downtime and the need for unplanned emergency repair work.

In addition, D-tech Contracting are always up to date with the many mobile marine mechanic advancements in engine technology and have the equipment, parts and technology to ensure no matter what the issue or type of motor, you will get the necessary help and exemplary deliver. They also offer a 24 hour emergency call-out service and will come to you, inspect and repair the problem and provide you with a full breakdown of work. Plus all their work is fully guaranteed.

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