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Planning for a Cruise: 3 Things to Make Boarding Easier


Very few vacations allow you to truly escape. A cruise ship, however, offers a chance to abandon routines and set sail, embracing the open water. On board, families can play games, swim and enjoy entertainment. The staff takes care of you, and you can focus on memories. To truly enjoy the traveling, it’s best to plan ahead. Here are three tips to make the boarding process a bit easier.

Arrange Transportation

It’s important to be at the terminal on time, if not an hour early; therefore, when you make travel plans give yourself wiggle room. Plan to fly in a day early, enjoy the area, and then hire a shuttle bus from houston to galveston. This avoids any complications with flight delays or changes. As an added bonus, you get to experience vacation one day early.

Simplify Packing

Know your room size and itinerary, reviewing the cruise line’s website and dress codes. Some cabins are small; you don’t want bags piling up, taking up valuable space. Pack what you need and keep it simple. In addition, read through your materials and understand boarding procedures. Those who arrive several hours early often have the luxury of checking baggage and enjoying the upper deck. If you cut it close to departure, you may be dragging suitcases with you until your room is ready.

Prepare for Security

Because you’re leaving the mainland, you need to move through security checks. A few months before your trip, start gathering paperwork. If you are entering a foreign port, you’ll need photo identification and valid passport. U.S. ports are a bit more flexible. You can choose to show any of the following for departure and reentry:

Keep these protected in plastic. You don’t want anything dropping or getting damaged. In addition, have them readily accessible. With the birth certificate, you’ll also need to have a photo ID available.

Cruising provides days of pampering and relaxation. Cherish the time together, exploring islands and relaxing in the sun.

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