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Luxurious Things to Do in Thailand’s Capital


The beauty of spending any time in Bangkok is the wealth of different experiences available at every price point. If you want to grab a Thai yellow chicken curry at the local food stall at the corner of the street, it’ll set you back only about a dollar. On the other hand, dining at one of the most upmarket restaurants in town could cost over a thousand dollars. You choose your dining experience based on your budget and go from there.

Here are a few experiences in the capital that lean more towards a touch of luxury.

Driving a SuperCar

In other capital cities, it’s possible to rent a supercar for 1-2 hours and drive around the city. Whether you’re looking to try out the Lamborghini Performante or a classic Ferrari, the experience of getting behind the wheel of cars that often cost $150,000 to $250,000 is second to none.

With Bangkok, you’re able to extend this experience out to a full day which changes it entirely. Along with elite supercars, a Porsche or Mercedes CLK model are rentable to see how they differ. Whether just for the sheer fun of it or getting the feel of what buying and owning such a vehicle would feel like, the cost of under $2,000 for a whole day of driving is a bargain.

Escape Hunt Experience

Growing up as a child, if murder mysteries and treasure hunts were the most fun you ever had, then The Escape Hunt Experience found near the prominent Citibank Tower is a fun way to spend a couple of hours filled with intrigue and suspense.

The venue is fully air-conditioned to keep your amateur sleuthing chilled out. The mystery is based around puzzles, so if you excel at solving tough puzzles, then this will suit you perfectly. The task is to solve the mystery before the game is over. The staff, who speak English, are on-hand to help with teasing clues if you really get stuck, are running out of time, and you don’t consider it cheating. This is great for traveling groups who want to try something different together.

Learn Thai Cooking from Renowned Chefs

The Blue Elephant restaurant is the setting for Thai cooking classes in their kitchen and classroom. Sandra, the daughter of Chef Nooror Steppe teaches how to prepare four dishes as well as delicate fish cakes and a traditional salad

The classes don’t require you to be an expert cook as training is provided for people at all levels. A morning market is visited to buy locally-sourced ingredients before a hot day at the wok learning to cook Thai style; a skill that is easily transported back home.

Simplistic Luxury Accommodation

Rather than making a beeline directly to the high-end hotels with their expansive prices, try out a luxury hostel Bangkok instead. Chao Hostel is simply designed with copious use of wood paneling and seating areas to share with other guests. The bedrooms are nicely appointed without being ostentatious. The property is still based around the hostel concept, but goes upmarket.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy luxury at a fraction of the cost of the West. One of the current bargains in life is upgrading lifestyles while on vacation to see how the other half live.

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