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Langkawi’s One of the Best Hotel Restaurant


The islands of Langkawi is located at the west side of Malaysia. It is made up of approximately 99 beautiful islands, surrounded by a greenish-blue color of sea and its main island is made of rice meadow and beautiful wild hills. In addition to that, Langkawi island has a smooth powderized shoreline and dancing coconut trees. You can also try their one of the best hotel restaurant in Langkawi. However, it is one of the best place for alcohol, chocolate and cigarette hoarders.

If you want to explore more about Langkawi, you need a perfect place wherein you’ll be comfortably safe and a place where you can unwind and relax. If you’re looking for a hotel restaurant in Langkawi, there are variety of hotels around the island that offers exemplary and extraordinary experience while in the islands. There is a hotel restaurant located at Kampung Padang Masirat, it is called The Smith House.

It is considered as one of the best hotel restaurant in Langkawi.

The hotel is near at the Atma Alam and Burnt Rice Field and 2 km away from the Langkawi Beach. It has a restaurant, a pool and a bar. It also offers free WiFi inside the hotel and it has a parking lot. Each room has its own coffee maker, LED TVs with cable means, and bottled water. It also provide hairdryers and toiletries.

Aside from the hotel amenities, it also offers good food and an accommodating bar. It is “the Absolut”. The Absolut is located inside the Smith House and it provides excellent food both in local and international. They also offer signature dishes that will satisfy your tastebuds. They assures great satisfaction from the breakfast up to dinner. You can select various dishes from local to international that will give a great experience while at the Absolut.

Your vacation will never be complete if you will not visit the “The Absolum”. It is a bar or lounge which give you a stress-free environment and a perfect spot for relaxation. It also have its own library for booklovers and it offers light meals and drinks. It is a perfect place to mingle with new friends or a place to unwind by your own self. You can sip your favorite coffee here while reading your favorite novel.

It is considered as one of the best hotel restaurant in Langkawi because of its amenities offered like the The Absolut and The Absolum. It is good place for family gatherings, couple honeymoon or for personal travel goals. You can check their sites for rates and mode of payments.


If your looking for a best place to relax and unwind, you can check the The Smith House. As mentioned above, it offers an peaceful yet stress-free environment surrounded by nature sceneries outside the hotels. It is one of the best hotel restaurant in Langkawi, where you can stay while exploring the beautiful islands of Langkawi.

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