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Factors that Do Count in Different Trains


There are many people who have no clue about the difference between different trains. Well, when you do traveling by trains in India, it is important that you know them better. The more you know about trains, the better your experience gets.

When you use something, you should know much about it. Since you are using trains as your mode of transportation, you must know about their facilities and features like irctc seat availability, and so on. What do you know about the different types of trains in India? Do you know what makes these trains different in their existence? Have a look below and you would know much more about your preferred mode of transportation in India: trains.

You know Indian railway system is one of the most complicated systems in the world. In case you are going through this stuff, it is likely that you are trying to figure out which is the better type train for you. These different trains fulfil diverse requirements of passengers. Some of these trains fulfil the need of covering long distances while other trains are planned to cut travel time. There are then trains that help in linking the distant villages to the country and a couple of trains make the opposite ends of India meet.

Indeed, different types of trains and coaches are going to be overwhelming at first. But once you understand them, you can take an advantage by booking a ticket as per your specific needs and pocket.The trains in India are planned designed by keeping in mind the following factors


There are some trains that take more time to cover a distance because it halts on all the stations that come its way. On the other hand, there are trains that halt at only the main stations and so take lesser time and reach speedily.


There are facility factors too. There are some trains that have a pantry car, proper Wi-Fi internet, and so on, while other trains don’t have these types of facilities. So, these facilities make all the difference between one train and the other.


You might have noticed different types of coaches in different trains right? Some trains have just one kind of coach while some trains have combination of five types of coaches. These different coaches make a great different. Sometimes, a rich person and a poor person can travel in the same train because of its different coaches.

Day or night travel

There is a great different in day and night trains. The trains that run during the day time only have sitting chairs whereas the trains that run during the night have sleeping berths. So, if you are traveling by a night train, you might get sleepers for your sleep,but for day trains, there would be chairs for you.

Theme based

There are theme based trains too. Some trains are toy trains, they have costly tickets. Then there are also luxurious tourism trains that are really expensive. These trains can make a hole in your budget.

So, now you know about the factors that make a difference in different trains under Indian Railways? Come on, this knowledge would only make your journeys even more organized and within budget.

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