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Across the Pond: Overseas Vacation Spots that Will Make the Most Memories


Vacations are a difficult choice, all too often it can be easy to choose a place that seems fantastic that ultimately lets you down. It isn’t just having a good time that vacations can provide though, they can be good for your family too. Take the risk out of your holiday choice by checking out our top picks. They’ll give you an idea how to make the most of your vacation with minimal fuss.


Mpumpalanga is located in South Africa right in the heart of the African Bushveld. Giving you the opportunity to experience this beautiful area is the Protea Hotel Kruger Gate. Situated incredibly close to the Paul Kruger gate of the Kruger National Park it allows you to experience one of the most naturally gorgeous places on earth. It’s not just viewing the beautiful landscapes though, there are a variety of other activities for you to undertake if you like, and the hotels provide a lap of luxury you will do well to experience elsewhere. If you are the type who loves the great outdoors then Mpumalanga is perfect for you and your family and you’ll never forget it.


Bermuda isn’t just the fabled home of the Bermuda triangle, which incidentally is no more dangerous than any other stretch of ocean. Bermuda is a beautiful island with a wide variety of features to tempt even the most ardent traveller. The beaches are luscious and covered in golden sand and recent investment in the island has ensured that the amenities are of the highest quality. If you’re shopping at the higher end of the scale then Bermuda offers a huge amount to do and some of the most relaxing beaches on the planet. Bermuda will create a wonderful vacation that you and your family will remember forever.


Reykjavik in Iceland offers a multitude of different activities when you’re planning a vacation. You can watch the whales, there are a number of hot spring spas and the underground ice caves are a thing of beauty. That’s not the end of what Iceland has to offer, in fact it’s not even the beginning. The most amazing thing that Reykjavik has to offer is the fantastic views of the Northern Lights. One of the most awe inspiring things in the world is the Northern Lights and no trip to Reykjavik is complete unless you manage to fit in a trip to see them. Reykjavik has a wonderful selection of activities that will live long in the memory.

No matter where you choose to go on your vacation you need to make sure that you have created a full itinerary for your trip. There is nothing worse than booking a vacation only to find out when you get there that none of the things you want to do are available. If possible book your activities in advance, that way you don’t have to worry about extra expense while you’re on your trip. As long as you plan in advance your vacation won’t let you down.

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