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13 Helpful and Affordable Travel Tips


There is no question that traveling can be expensive. With airlines charging for luggage and gas prices steadily increasing, some people choose to just to stay at home. However, who wants to do that when there is such a big world out there to explore? The good news is that with the following 13 cheap travel tips, you can be on your way to an amazing vacation without having to spend a small fortune.
1. Travel during the off-season
If you are traveling to Europe, the off-season is considered the months between October and April. You will find cheaper airfare, more affordable rooms, spend a reduced amount of time waiting in line and even meet more European tourists. After all, the big cities such as Rome, Paris and London are interesting and fun all year-round. Apply this to other parts of the world and you’ll see your vacation costs significantly decrease.
2. Bring your own food on the plane
Today, a large number of airlines charge for meals on board. You can save quite a bit of money just by bringing your own snacks on board, rather than purchasing them in the airport or while you are in flight.
3. Overestimate your costs and control your spending
When traveling, an old adage you should abide by is to take half the amount of stuff you initially packed and then double the money you are going to take. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of money while you are traveling. This means you should keep up with what you spend to ensure you are not going overboard.

4. Dial direct to stay in touch
Rather than roaming on your cell phone – and absorbing the rather large cost that goes along with it, you should purchase calling cards that offer calls at as little as 10 cents per minute.

5. Use public transportation
While renting a vehicle may seem like an appealing option, the fact is that no matter where you are going, taking the public transportation is likely going to be a much more affordable option.

6. Avoid excess baggage fees
If you are concerned with baggage charges, try to wear some extra items you want to take along, rather than cramming them all into your bag. There are quite a few innovative products on the market today that help you do this.

7. Check special hotel deals
Hotels are always advertising deals for travelers – especially during the off season. Be sure that you check all the prices prior to booking a hotel since you may be able to find deals such as “buy two nights, get one free.”

8. Shop in cheaper countries
Shopping costs vary across the globe. Do your research and save your shopping dollars for the locations where you can make them stretch the furthest.

9. Weigh your luggage
Don’t get to the airport just to discover that you are over your baggage limit and have to pay additional charges. You can avoid this by simply weighing your bag before you leave home.

10. Consider a home swap
Tired of over-priced hotels? If so, then you should consider the latest trend in travel – a home swap. This costs you almost nothing and you can save significantly. There are many online websites where you can feature your home and browse vacation homes that available for swapping.

11. Travel with friends
When you travel with friends, you can split the fee. This saves you both and allows you to do more.

12. Keep communication online
Instead of mailing postcards, you can sit in a cybercafé for a few minutes and keep up with everyone back home. In fact, there is a good chance your hotel will also offer this service.

13. Act like a local
Go into restaurants and order what is on the special menu or “do as the locals.” In most cases, this will save you quite a bit of money.

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