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Why So Many Hunter Valley Guests Adore Cottage Accommodations


When people travel to the Hunter Valley, they expect a certain level of sophistication and luxury during their stay. However, many individuals fail to consider that their accommodations should be just as classy. Although hotels offer travellers low prices, most guests cannot afford the comfort and space needed to enjoy a long stay in this amazing part of the world. Therefore, whether you travelled from another state or crossed an ocean, you benefit the most from renting a cottage during your stay.


For relatively the same price, you get approximately 60% more space than you would in a typical hotel room. With the increased living space, you can enjoy a more comfortable stay with a group, such as family or friends, and have the room to relax and unwind after hours of exploring. Whether you came for the vineyards and cellar doors or for the amazing food, you need plenty of space to take a break and share stories about your day.

Cottages offer separate rooms for guests, and they offer at least one bathroom with full amenities for better comfort. Depending on your budget, you can receive accommodations for nearly any number of people, including a separate room for each person. When traveling with friends, co-workers, or teenage children, the added privacy of a separate room should increase the entire group’s comfort level.


Though you may be lucky enough to receive a first storey room, your neighbours beside and above you are positioned only a foot from your walls and ceiling. With the high level of proximity, you hear everything they say, and you have no control over their actions. In addition, you must share a hallway and breakfast with everyone on your floor, and you never know the type of people who may book their room next to yours. For the safety and privacy of your family, you must consider cottages accommodation for groups in Hunter Valley.

In addition to no longer having neighbours in your building, you receive a yard and plenty of space between your cottage and the neighbouring buildings. The most noise you typically hear are the morning birds singing happily as they awaken for the day. With group accommodations, you are guaranteed to have a better time from the start of your trip to the end.


When travellers book their hotels, they find that the most complex amenities include a small refrigerator and a microwave oven. At best, they can reheat leftovers from restaurants, a benefit hardly worth the trouble. However, cottage accommodations offer a fully-equipped kitchen, including all you need to enjoy a fresh, warm meal in the comfort of your own space. Whether you utilise the kitchen to save money or to store a few fresh foods as snacks for later, you simply have a better experience with fewer limitations.

For all these reasons and many more, people travel from all corners of the globe to visit the Hunter Valley and get a taste of its luxurious fun.

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