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Touring the Great Ocean Road


A holiday is a chance to go somewhere that you have never been before, or to return to some place that you enjoy. That can mean leaving the country for some exotic locale, or just exploring a part of your country you don’t normally get to visit. In the case of Australia, one of the most exciting and interesting parts of the country is actually a road. The Great Ocean Road is a long road that began construction almost 100 years ago. It is a scenic road that explores some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. When you are thinking of a holiday, you should seriously consider the Great Ocean Road. The road is also a great choice for a holiday. It is a destination as well as a journey. You will be able to experience many different, exciting Australian tourist sites along the road as well as enjoying the road itself. It was built as a project to enrich Australia and connect some far flung areas. It also had a more noble purpose.

The More Noble Purpose

The Great Ocean Road was first conceived after the first world war. The idea for the road actually began while the war was still waging. While Australia’s contribution to World War I is often considered minimal, it is only because the country itself was sparsely populated. Thousands of young men went to war against the Central Powers in Europe. Thousands of them were killed while they were at war. As the war was raging, the economies of major nations changed dramatically. The war cost Australia so many young men that older men stayed in the workforce longer than they had before. Women also entered the workforce, en masse, to keep the country running. That held the country together while the war raged but it created a lack of jobs for returning servicemen. In order to employ the returning veterans, the Great Ocean Road was conceived. It was conceived as a service project that would employ thousands of veterans, as well as serving as a memorial for fallen soldiers. That is how the Great Ocean Road earned the distinction as the world’s largest war memorial. Grampians National Park tours from Melbourne prominently feature the road. It is a central element connecting many different parts of the tours.

Driving on the Road

If you are thinking of traveling the Great Ocean Road you should hire a tour from a specialised company. The tour will offer you the opportunity to experience some of the great natural, and manmade, wonders along the way. The road was originally thought of as a serviceable road to connect disparate areas. However, it has evolved into a tourist destination. As a result, it features many different roadside attractions. It’s not possible to experience all of the different attractions in just one visit. However, if you hire professionals who design quality tours of the road, you will be able to experience the things that excite you the most. In order to plan an effective holiday, you have to get expert advice. The experts create a tour that fits your budget as well as your time constraints. If you are more interested in natural wonders, the tour will highlight all of the best ones. The same is true for manmade roadside attractions.

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