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Tips for Taking Up Sailing


You might have been introduced to sailing by a friend, or simply decided it would be fun to sail the seas, and getting into sailing isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are RYA sailing course in Gosport, where you can learn the basics of sailing and eventually qualify as a skipper, and after a little hands-on experience, you can invest in a second hand sailing boat.

Basic Sailing Courses

RYA practical sailing course are designed to teach you the basics of sailing, and with lots of hands-on experience and a little theory work in the classroom, it won’t be long before you are ready to pilot your own boat. If you’re more interested in powerboating, you can take an introduction course that equips you with essential knowledge and experience to handle a speedboat competently.

Competent Crew Courses

You might have no intention of getting your own yacht, but are willing to become a crew member, and there are courses that teach you all of the specific roles when crewing a sailboat. Course content includes the following:

  • How to Steer
  • Basic Knot Tying
  • Handle Sails
  • Keeping Lookout

You also learn how to operate a lifeboat and the use of flares, along with basic emergency procedures., which are all part and parcel of competent crewing.

Day Skipper Courses

After you complete the competent crew course, you can enrol in a Day Skipper course, which focuses on taking charge of the vessel, while learning how to negotiate busy rivers and ports, and the 5-day course introduces you to night sailing. Interpreting weather reports is also on the menu, along with basic engine maintenance and an overview of common crew procedures.

An online search will help you touch bases with a registered RYA training school, and with their help, you will soon become a competent sailor.

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