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The Mystery of Fully Furnished, Temporary Corporate Housing in St. Louis. Look for the Clues


Do you know The Enigmatic Business Traveler? The one who disappears for weeks – sometimes months on end. Where does he go? Who does he see when he get there?

Or maybe you know the Mysterious Aunt Julie? She’s in town for a few months, and then vanishes. What did she do when she was here? Does anyone know? I hear that it’s quite interesting!

And what about The Joneses? What’s happening with them? He’s been gone for months. What happened? Where did HE go? No one seems to know, and no one is talking. It’s hard to keep up with them…

Where they go is really no great mystery – they’re all in one of St. Louis Corporate Housing’s fully-furnished, all-inclusive apartments in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and southern Illinois.

‘Corporate Housing’ is the term that is currently used for short or long term, all-utilities-included, fully furnished apartment rentals. And in the past, that is who it was exclusively for: corporations that needed temporary housing in a city like St. Louis. But now, corporate housing covers a wide variety of clients. These include:

  • People who are buying or selling a home
  • Vacationers/Travelers
  • Family members who visit for extended periods
  • Separate or divorcing couples

along with our typical residents, who include:

  • People relocating to St. Louis for a new position
  • Business travelers in town for temporary assignments
  • Construction workers, temporary workers
  • Health Care workers on temporary assignments

or anyone who needs the convenience of walking into a fully-furnished, all-inclusive, temporary apartment, with only one bill to pay each month.

STLCH provides each of our clients with a superior option to a small hotel room or extended stay facility – and at a lower rate. Each apartment comes fully furnished with a 40″ HD TV, high-speed, wireless internet, expanded basic cable, house wares for kitchen, furniture (bedroom, kitchen living room) and washer/dryer (in almost all units). All costs, including rent, internet, cable TV, electric, gas, water, trash, and sewer are included in one monthly rate. Plus, there’s no taxes like a hotel.

We have units available for as short as one month (when available), though a typical rental is three months or more. Rates start at $2,050 per month* for a one bedroom, and $2,250 per month* for two bedroom units.

The mystery of where all of these people go has been solved, and the clues were hidden right under our noses! We just needed to sniff. As far as what they do when they get there, along with who they see when they are here – well, that’s still a mystery…

*Rates are subject to change, and based on off-season leases for three months or more.

St. Louis Corporate Housing offers one, two, and three bedroom apartments for the entire St. Louis Area.

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